Legislative Theatre

Legislative theatre:

When Boal was elected as 'city councilman’, he used varying combinations of all the above techniques to discover what people's issues were and what they really wanted to see as change. This led to the enactment of new legislations - 13 such legislations were created during Boal's political tenure. This form of theater has also been practised in the UK and Canada.

Key concept: Participatory democracy.

Legislative Theatre with young farmers:

A collaborative project between  Centre for Community Dialogue and Change, Azim Premji University and Samvada. 

Samvada is a Bangalore based NGO that has been working with young people to create a just, humane and sustainable world. 

This project aims at using Legislative Theatre as an intervention to explore issues in education, agriculture and health of young farmers . 

The first phase of the project included a 2 day workshop at Tumkur with young farmers at the end of which a forum play was created and a performance of this play for an audience of young farmers at Doddaballapur,