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    Paulo Freire                                                                Augusto Boal


National Theatre of the Oppressed Conference

Diversity Dialogues 2017

Exploring the Liberatory Potential of 

Theatre of the Oppressed in Indian Society

December 9-10, 2017, Bangalore, India

Why this conference

The need for dialogue that seeks to find peaceful solutions to conflict is being increasingly felt in our personal, social, and political life. Theatre of the Oppressed, a tool for individual and social transformation developed by the Brazilian theatre practitioner Augusto Boal, has been used widely for creating and enlarging spaces for such dialogue.

Since the 1990s, several individuals and groups in India have been using Theatre of the Oppressed to help people fight oppression in their lives. There are several educators and activists who are also engaged in the struggle to create a more just and equitable society . This Conference is an opportunity for all of us to come together and explore the liberatory pedagogy of Theatre of the Oppressed and its potential to integrate the work being done in the different fields of education, theatre and activism.  

You can register for the conference at this link.

Registration fee Rs. 1,000


Transforming educational spaces

the goal of TO workshops in schools and colleges is NOT to make students more confident, or more creative, or more disciplined, or teachers more creative, more understanding etc- though all these things do happen . The purpose is to transform the whole school environment, create a learning friendly and learner friendly 
​and a dialogic ​

Physician, heal thyself!

The purpose is NOT to look at Doctor-patient relationship or teach docs communication skills, but to
encourage docs to discover what kind of doctors they are and wish to be, and how to get there. 
​Defining and being a 'Good doctor'.​

Building Community
How can we use TO to build a compassionate, caring community?
​.. a community where
individuals that can think beyond oneself; ​
 working in mental health, we have felt this to be the greatest need

Challenging systems



The Centre for Community Dialogue and Change (CCDC) came into being in 2011 with the mission of promoting Theatre of the Oppressed in India especially in the field of education.

We offer this National Conference to all those who work or wish to work with this unique tool, to have conversations, to understand who we are, and what we wish to be.

 Welcome to Diversity Dialogues 2017!  

 Radha Ramaswamy

 Organising Chairperson, Diversity Dialogues 2017

 Founder, Centre for Community Dialogue and Change