Online Theatre of the Oppressed

In April 2020, we decided to cancel our annual facilitator training in Theatre of the Oppressed in view of the Covid 19 pandemic. It was uncertain when we would be able to hold our workshops again, or have our monthly meeting of Bangalore Jokers , the group of Jokers from around the world  that have completed our 6 day facilitator training over the last 10 years. 

This seemed like a good time to connect with the family of Bangalore Jokers using a videoconferencing platform.

The evolution of this idea into regular  weekly meetings that became a space for gathering, sharing, learning and experimenting with Theatre of the Oppressed is documented here


The weekly meetings kindled an interest in revisiting  the fundamentals of Theatre of the Oppressed, and the idea of the Online Jokering Class was born. These sessions were designed as one hour sessions over 4 days, and were offered to Bangalore Jokers, building on their common shared experience of CCDC's facilitator training.


This first series of 4 sessions focussed on Forum Theatre Jokering. We hope to continue with more classes on Jokering, focussing on TO games, Image Theatre, Cop in the Head and Rainbow of Desire.