CCDC's Jokering Class

The truth about jokering is - the more one practises, the more questions one discovers! So, there's only one thing to do - share learning, exchange jokering  stories, and keep learning. 

The Covid 19 induced indefinite lockdown has presented us with an opportunity to revisit some TO fundamentals and refresh our knowledge and understanding.  

CCDC designed the online jokering class as a  4 session module that will cover the different aspects of jokering a forum play, starting with scripting and rehearsals and concluding with working with the audience during a forum performance. The sessions included inputs from Ravi and Radha on the  central concepts and theories, contextualising them with examples from actual practice, sharing videos of forums,  followed by discussions, and Q&A.  

The class was offered to BJs free of charge with just one condition, that they  commit to all 4 sessions. This was necessary because the sessions were designed to build on each other.

The 60 minute sessions were structured as follows

Session 1:  Creating a strong forum play

Session 2:  Rehearsal techniques

Session 3: Jokering the forum performance Part 1

Session 4:  Jokering the forum performance Part 2

The Feedback we received to these classes is at this link