Here's some of the Feedback we have received on our online Jokering Class

I am glad I showed up for the 4 days... Gave me confidence to imagine and envision what is possible for the 2 communities that have been so visible and alive for me during this entire lockdown ... The survivors of domestic violence and the Queer community 

... what I take forward is this statement "without rage and love there is no hope".... In hope that I may continue to have both love and rage for the work and in life 


The sessions really reignited my spark and enthusiasm for TO, which had waned as I had seen it misused in a number of places in the UK. It really helped as a refresher course - there is so much that I had forgotten and I appreciate the chance to re-learn some of that from the two of you. You are both such magnificent teachers. I enjoyed the short intensive format - 1 hour a day for a series of days worked for me and never felt too cumbersome. 


 In these unusual times of lockdown and being homebound like never before, there has been a surge of online webinars, courses, sessions and many more. I, like many others, jumped at the bait only to face disappointment more often than not- I was left wondering to myself," Did i gain anything at all?" Of course, it made me wiser and taught me to discern my choices. And I thank god I chose to attend these sessions :)


I found the step by step process of handholding (if I may call it so) very useful. When attending sessions on facilitation, Even more important for me was understanding how and why a joker must not impose her views on what people are feeling. I liked the openness with which guidance was given on this topic.


 Throughout my TO journey an important takeaway has been to stay connected with the form so that my understanding of the form deepens. Through the jokering classes I am again reminded of the importance of the structure and the seemingly small things which are foundational and should be kept in mind especially for a novice BJ for a meaningful and impactful session. Stories and experiences shared of other forums in the classes were very insightful. Questions asked by fellow participants helped me understand things that had not even come up as questions in my head.


 Your experiences and insights sharing along with crisp explanation of fundamentals makes the learning deep rooted - initiates dialog within


 I attended all the sessions and I found them to be jam packed with relevant and important information. You sharing the recording of the session and notes was super awesome and a huge support.


 They were crisp and loaded with essentials. Also a lot of doubts and details were clarified.


 Precise and focused


 ... the Jokering sessions, it reflects your love for the BJs and the passion for TO profoundly. It was like hand holding and giving special care to your students, for equipping them with the tools and the techniques for creating a difference. Your generosity in sharing the notes and the videos and other resources is also exemplary and awe inspiring.


 It was a good refresher cum learning experience