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Students from University of Washington

Date:             3 August 2011
Participants:  Students from Univ. of Washington led by Dr. Anu Taranath Prof. in                         the English Department and the Comparative History of Ideas                                   Program and, students of Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru
Facilitator:     Radha Ramaswamy

"I believe this type of learning and expression has an important place in public education and I thank you for introducing us to it.

I appreciated the way the activities gradually transitioned into more and more intense involvement. There was no way we could have done what we were doing at the end of the day had we not participated in all of those activities in the morning. It was such a jarring and wonderful experience to use my body to express what is happening in my mind and heart. We spend so much time being unconscious in our bodies -- there was such a feeling of wholeness in being asked to use my physical self in the exercises we did.

I also liked the way Dr.Radha invited us all to participate and push ourselves into a powerful place of discomfort. But at the same time I never felt so uncomfortable by her pushing that it made me disengage.." 

Amy Hiriyama

"I learned so much in such a short time.
It was a totally radical experience.I loved the art.
I felt a lot of the students didn't move in any particular direction in terms of what they wanted from the experience. And they don't have to, I remember you making this point. But I have to believe, given more time, they would have. I guess my question is: do you let people have resistance, or do you try to let themselves come through more? Is there even a dichotomy there, or are these things the same?" 

Zachary Coleman 

"..the workshop used space in new and varied ways than my usual life experiences. i enjoyed working with my body as an extension of my mind, instead of the brain/body dichotomy i am often in."

Anu Taranath

"...Everything was explained very well. We were always moving so it never got boring. A wide variety of exercises" Anon.