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Agastya Gifted Children

. …..It was a novel idea to be engaged with for both children and parents in analyzing problems faced by society and deriving solutions. The event was conducted in an enthusiastic manner. Very pressing social questions were raised by the kids. It was an interactive workshop with parents and was very beneficial for prompting the participants to contribute to solutions.

….felt that it talked about world problems and said that it was the first time many children were introduced to theatre.

….found the forum theatre workshop very interesting and fun

… the session enabled the discussion of problems which affect kids and kids listened to others’ ideas.

… enjoyed the workshop, particularly the “statue”( Image theatre) skits. It was good to see parents getting involved with a lot of enthusiasm.


…this workshop helped him to have fun and relax. The way of transitioning from fun to seriousness was good. He believed that it gave him ‘mindfulness’. The participation of parents along with children also provided positive energy to the workshop.