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Ananya School

Date:                     12th, 13th & 14th  May, 2013
Participants:        Faculty and Staff, Ananya School, Bengaluru
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy
I liked the openness with which it was conducted. The facilitator left it open- ended and the workshop was a beautiful creation, The duration of the program (which was 3 days) should have been longer. I did not get enough time to explore all aspects that emerged. The workshop has helped me in realizing aspects in my personality that I thought I did not have. I think this is a tool that will help me in not type -creating myself.While making an image that describes a conflict within ourselves, I became one with my conflict, it was a very overcoming emotion to see your conflict physically displayed  and to see it through your eyes. It almost left me breathless. I have felt that creativity does not come naturally to me; but this workshop helped me see and tap this creativity. It almost came spontaneously to me to create those images and I am quite surprised and thankful to you for that.I was also amazed that the group as a whole became creative.

Manshwini Bhalla

It will be useful in my personal life and in using the various game with the children.I enjoyed all the excersice and game, I will try to use some of the games with the children. It is going to help my personal growth. In the excersice, the  best moment was dancing with shashi which I never did before. I enjoyed very much. Thank you so much


I enjoyed most of the games and exercises.'Aha' moment dawned on me when we were doing the Columbian hypnosis forum. I saw each person trying to change the situation and realized how each one of us was finding solutions according to our own personalities. I realized we could actually break out of our personality and stretch ourselves to become someone else. We don't need to locked up in our personalities itself (or what we believe think we are). This workshop has helped me to open up, even though I feel a bit shaky now I am thankful for it.


How issues of power & authority figure in personal/domestic settings came home to me vividly, and enabled me to see internal issues in new light. In a few cases, I felt we could explore issues in terms of what we wanted to open up in areas of our psyche that we might not have perceived of this life, and this occasion might have trigged an Aha! moment.

Ramdas Rao

I liked the style of facilitation, the small and familiar group, The  exercise and games that gave insight about me. Since the workshop happened with my team of colleagues I have got to know them more and am sure to interact with them differently seeing them in a different angle.I would like to thank Radha for creating an environment for me to share some incident that I  realise was eating me so much in cop in the head. Thanks for bringing a closure to something that I would never done by myself.  I enjoyed the Columbian hypnosis since it made me think of my strategy to deal with an oppressor.It has helped me understanding myself more as the person who will not break harmony but also who wants her freedom or individuality. I was also impressed by the other strategy where love changed the stand of the oppressor. This has given me a positive outlook towards myself.The revelation that there is a real me, and the that reacts to different situations but can always go back to being the "Real Me"

Vidhya Thanarajan

I liked the warmup games, Fainting by Numbers and the Ability of the workshop to push people beyond comfort circle I wanted more analysis/ interpations on why people do what the participants  did.I need to explore further * This helped me connect with the rest of the  faculty, * some of the moments helped me re-confirm my self perspectives and re-assured my value/belief system, * My overall confidence (in ability to work outside comfort-circle) has gone up

Iyyappa Swaminathan

It made me realize how many different ways there are in which one can respond in a given situation and the impact it creates. The obstacle game made me realize how one can communicate so effectively without words. . When placed in a situation the feelings and responses that come out from within surprised me. i never thought i had it in me.

Poonam Chadda

I felt the workshop duration was too short! Too less time to process my feelings and emotions and I was not able to go deeper into my own conflicts and find answers for myself. Perhaps, there were a couple of Aha moments, one was personal, a personal shift in the way I have perceived a conflicting situation. It made the situation less conflicting. Second was professional, gave me a better understanding of my colleagues and helped me get beyond.

Shashi Rao

Of course the last day and forum work was my favorite, and powerful. But I understand how this was built and the process and necessity of doing that, I also understand the activities which get the attendees "present" to the work and connected together. I am a trainer so this will help in my work as I use experiential moralities. And these always personally help by deepening my internal understanding of myself and relationships to others as well as situations using the "Stop" in the forum to have different people interact to shift or create different reactions or results and analyze each impact was powerful for me.

Kathryn Kylee

I learnt introspection and insight. The workshop helped me understand my self, others around me and the communities I am part of.Image theatre - what is a real image or can qualify as real/unreal  its still a question in my mind, Forum - Yet another experience that is memorable and shows the enormous change it can bring about in lives yet, it is not an 'exercise' on its own - it needs all of what we did in the workshop to get what we got? TO for me is not about doing 'for' someone else it is a way of living of a community - for this community has to come together to live T.O regularly and not 'forget'. It is not what we want to do with it - will happen or its own!

Santhosh Padmanaban