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Azim Premji University M.A. Course

Date:                    21, 22 and 28,29 
Participants:       Students of M.A. (Development) , Azim Premji University,Bengaluru, India.
Facilitator:        Radha Ramaswamy

First Workshop:

Brings in surprising results out of seemingly banal exercises.It is revealing how certain games like the gender role play and sexual harassment module were oft repeated and over discussed issues. But when people actually portrayed the parts , there was a distinct impact.


I like the coming together; exposure to multiple layers and ideas, expressing self through body 
‘Sculptures’ were to show ideas and some of the group members responded to the ideas. One fact was that we were doing things together.

Siddhartha Loda

New experience, Never thought I could do this but I could. Helped get us more close and know each other.
During the rainbow of desire, I could relate to myself in similar circumstances. This sort of an exercise helps in conflict resolution.


Liked the idea of being in a position and reacting to situations


It was a nice experience, Better learning technique with fun.
I feel even I could act. It was my first experience and I could do it.


I liked the concept of forum as problem solving tool. One of the Aha moments was when one of the conversation went out of track. At times we take arguments out of track making situation even worse. Application: I would like to use the forum concept in coming months with community we work with (slum, village).

Krunal Desai

The workshop was structured but flexible enough to accommodate wherethe 'group' was located.The right amount of debrief session. No overkill or over analysis. 
The cop in the head based on my group's play. It shocked me as how close I came to the husband cop voice and the convoluted nature of the argument.Application of TO in the MA Development program: I would really like to work on building this into the curriculum, and my course. It really enables work on attitudes and values without intellectualising it. Focus on the techniques in the context of anti- communalism initiatives.

Benson Issac

The workshop was Exciting, fear control especially stage or public speaking , fun.
I liked especially playing the games, plays that we played make me nostalgic about my childhood experience of stage performance which I have left behind but want to be more exposed and sociable. 


Sensitizing about the issues esp. related to women.Openness on sharing one's thoughts. A composition of many theatre techniques.
It would certainly be useful in community work. It can be acted upon in backward areas. It can be a channel of awareness for development programmes and making people aware of their rights.


It is not about directing rather it was self exploration, various energizers. Image theatre was enjoyable.
The Aha! Moment for me was the one with the rainbow of desire.  


I liked Image making,rainbow of desire , short plays. Overall it was good for me, We were open to discuss, share and play the things which are used in day to day life.

Prashanta Kumar Dhal

First time experienced theatre, facilitator, and importance of body language. I enjoyed exercise of image making when we were supposed as a group to be a theme.

Tejbir Singh Soni

I enjoyed group works, detailed explanations, and its voluntary nature.
The play that I did in the afternoon could help me understand my father's position in the personal struggle I had with him sometime last year prior to my marriage . I now understand what it is like to be a father when you are answerable to everybody around you including your son.


I enjoyed the projection of real life into a drama as also all the activities

Chandra Prakash

Gives an opportunity to rediscover yourself, to break away from norms, recognise my strength and weakness
While making shapes with my body I felt as if I was one with my thoughts even though in shapes at times did not turn out the way I wanted it to be. The form was exciting and they triggered off different reactions in different people and I got to observe that.

Risha Borooah

Second Workshop:

I most liked three games and exercise: enemy and protector, forum theater, Image creation
Completing the image was an insightful exercise.How can I give an image a meaning.

Priyadarshini Priyam

The workshop was Participatory, insightful, enjoyable
Completing the image was an insightful exercise as I could understand that I also can play an active role in shaping whatever is happening round me and not just accept things passively, assuming it to be out of my control. 

Ashish Tripathi

I enjoyed the  comfortable environment, the fun parts, exploring the mind.
I learnt that when we were trying to do something with our eyes closed, our other senses get activated and it is a nice  feel. And, that in a comfortable group environment anyone can perform best. The clay image part where two people were making images. I felt good as it meant one individual is incomplete but two can make it whole.  

Nazrul Haque

I liked Glass cobra, Image making, Forum
When my eyes were closed, I felt relaxed and more focused in doing the task. During the intervention in forum play, I felt that I am in a real situation and I forgot that I am playing a role. So it was amazing that I involved my so much subconsciously.

Sanjeev Sharma

Good entertaining, Forum as a new way to make intervention, creative ideas can be used at school level
It struck me :”Do not control anyone, do not allow anyone to control also”.

Rajneesh Bahuguna

The workshop was a good learning experience, it showed me some more techniques to communicate with people, glass cobra and forum theater was best for me.
I found forum theater very useful for me.Glass cobra game and Forum theater.

Mohammad Zafar

It  got people thinking about social issues, that it helped people enquire into the nature of human relationship, that it helped break stereotypes.
I realised how different people can have different perspectives on the same thing. Reminded me of Rishi Valley nature.Going back to the roots of human nature.I realsed that I don’t know myself too well and that there are several sides to me.

Titiksha Pandit

Various games were interesting, space for creativity, being self.I realised I could express myselfusing my body/image very quickly but its very hard to explain why I came up with such an image. I realised I could express myself using my body and convey a concept using images. There is lot of creativity in the group and i feel close to myself and my group members after this workshop.

L Mahalakshmi

I most like Changing group formation, Glass cobra, Forum
The importance of Social Intervention in dispute resolution

Manoj K Singh

I like -Glass cobra, Image making 2nd day), whole group together( 2nd day)
Several moments in both days were important to me. Activites were highly intense to find out inner soul and mind(self), broken the normal circumference(limited day life)and expanded it.

Kumud Kant

I like the Teacher( joker), participants and methods of teaching
The pair working and image formation, Colombian hypnosis were most memorable for me.

J Nagaraj

I like the pace of the workshop, reflection time, mock forum theatre
During forum theatre every individual role was so complicated. It was very difficult to direct the protagonists or the antagonists action. Because I felt I might not be giving a proper solution. 


It is a nice experience ,... it is very important to remove our stress, if possible done once a month.
It helped realise  some ground level reality. Feel the life without eye is very difficult to sustain...  how people find their relative that was the Aha moment for me.

Sukantha Kumar Nayak

It was entertaining, it was a good experience to reduce stress, it helps to work together
I like the experience of being an actor


Frees your mind and body, There is some kind of self-reflection
The Aha! Moment was the feeling when the cobra was formed.

I liked Forum theatre, the freedom given to participants, games that help you realise your body and its capacities. 
It was quite challenging for me to bring in a real life experience and make a play out of it. I was quite bothered about how the others would react to it-whether they would brand it to be something silly. But I really could see myself getting into the role as i played my part and icant explain how it feels. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking to more such workshops. cheers!!

Madhavi Jayarajan

Varieties of work given during the workshop, friendly environment, team work
Unforgettable moment of my life that I will remember always. Hats off to Radha ma'am.Chak de phatte……..
Nayan Ranjan