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B.A. Performing Arts Course, Christ University, Bangalore

Date:                     8th. December 2012.
Participants:        B.A. Performing Arts Students, Christ University,  Bangalore
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy

It is really a new experience. Learnt a lot of things.


Did not force me to act. Made me happy. Can relate to my life.


Made me wonder about mundane things. Life in metaphor - inconspicuous characteristics in oneself appear gigantic. Can apply in real life. Glass Cobra was an eye opener


It had impact on me as person and as artist. Can be incorporate it in counselling

Nithya Rao

The group connected wonderfully. Knowing oneself more. Moving away from preformed notions.  It makes one their own best critic. Involves emotional reprocessing.


Each section was a new experience and has energised and relaxed me a lot. Got to know each person  in the group more. (Importance of ) Sensation of touch.


Just what we need. I saw meaning in whatever I was doing. All relationship troubles I had with different people vanished. Made me  think. Left lasting impression as to how to build bonds and touch through silence too. Everywhere today we see the face of oppression. One should know how it feels to be oppressed, especially when we are in jobs, or doing theatre. Glass Cobra - I am lost for words.


Creates awareness of what, how in how many ways oppression is present. Glass Cobra - amazing experience

Sana Mahtab

Helped  reflect on issues, see them in a different light. Unlearning to relearn and to see how others think/respond. More clear about what I should be doing. Need to have dialogue. Great moment of coming together. 

Akanchha Karki

Fun, active and spontaneous. Relaxed me, feel happy. Am able to connect more easily to my class and am  more aware of myself. Life is how you are feeling emotions, and how you feel for the other person. The workshop gave me insight about myself, and realize the importance of the 'other'. To be happy and make others happy


Learning, The activities were effective. When my friend was playing oppressor, it made me focus on what I am.


The games changed my mood


There was a subtext to the  games. Getting more physical, comfortable around people,. Being able to relate learning and share where needed. Oppression is everywhere. The realisation is the beginning of everything SO MANY aha moments!


Learnt  things  new about myself . It was fun. Redefined oppression for me. I give my own needs least priority I ignore various forms of oppression I face, believing it's not important. Did not realise it just piles up. Please  come back! Would love to attend a TO Workshop. Glass Cobra made me feel safe. Even when there's no one to fall back on, God will find me.


Made me think, what makes me oppressed in life. I was about to remember past painful experience and smile at it. Cover the Space. I came feeling tense, but after the walk, when I was asked to change my mood, it actually worked for me, I cd feel that transition