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Bombay International School

Date:                    5th. and 6th. January 2012.
Participants:       Teachers, Bombay International School, Mumbaii, India
Facilitator:        Radha Ramaswamy

I think the real learning is the challenge of taking so many of these activities into my classroom as well as my personal life.Lots of scope for self-introspection, new learning:
Anjali Karpe

The final play was an amazing experience. I never thought I would be able to perform so beautifully. I was so charge dup that everything just seemed to happen/flow.The issues raised are very close to my heart and I loved the discussions though at times I felt they were left incomplete.The games were enjoyable- loved the bonding with the people I work with but don’t get enough time to spend with.
Gitanjali Vombatkere

The relevance permeates through every aspect of life and society at all levels. Thank you for a brilliant experience.

Interestingly after the first day and being a part of the bus forum, I took a bus to get back home and was faced with a somewhat similar situation of a man sitting next to me on a ldies reserved seat in spite off empty space elsewhere- unlike other times, I felt I ahd courage to move away, protect myself and confront in case of discomfort. 

Each activity was so sulfilling, enriching, stimulating. My best experience was playing the profession. However my greatest learning in these two days was – there is nothing that is right orr wrong. We, as humans, get torn between what we are and what we ‘ought’ to be. This masking is essential but not to an extent when one loses one’s own ‘self’ in trying to be someone else. Moreover I enjoyed the way the Joker dealt with rigid people who chose to remain obstinate.That’s the most difficult to do.Certainly, I am going to give mt students of drama a taste of this fantastic experience with the Thetare of the Oppressed. 

Is unity necessary for having peace and order? Is unifying always positive?     

The image sculpting and moulding was a great experience, where just a small change can transform the whole picture.   

इस  तरह  के  workshop समय-समय पर होने चाहिए जिससे हम अपनी व्यस्त  ज़िन्दगिसे  कुछ  पल अपने लिए निकाल  सकें . (We should periodically have these types of workshops, so that we could take some time out from this busy life of ours for ourselves)

Never thought I would be able to keep eyes shut all through (the glass cobra game)  but amazingly did not feel the need even to peek once- felt elated after the game. The last game of ‘Conflict’ culminated into some amazingly expressive stories/plays. The process was beautiful.