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December 2013 Six Day Training

Date:                   16th. - 21st. December 2013
Participants:        Open Workshop, Mumbai
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy

Lots of activities that helped me to open up and participate. No Compulsory activity. Lots of sharing. Clear Instructions. Radha could facilitate according to situation. I could see a lot of experience in her and she is calm and sweet.

Shahida Malbari

I enjoyed watching the plays- so helped me understand why some plays touch a chord in me and why some just don't. I liked Radha’s sheer confidence.; her ability to listen and give equal importance to all and control without appearing to do so. She has the ability to handle difficult participants

Farah Jijina

I liked that I got a chance to express myself to the fullest. I never thought I could act or even pretend to act. It has helped me to understand myself better. The ROD was intense and it helped me connect me with my problems. This has been my best experience so far. I work as a counsellor and I constantly look for ways to work with people individually as well as in groups. I want to pursue my PhD in behavioral psychology and this learning with definitely help me. I appreciated Radha’s sense of timing and her confidence and knowing how to connect and summarise what everyone had to say. She makes everyone warm and comfortable and creates a safe platform to share.

The high point for me was being comfortable and confident on stage. I have never felt so safe on stage before. Thanks you Radha for that!

I liked the excellent facilitation; wealth of experiences;/people/ideas. Radha is a wise, warm, intelligent, compassionate facilitator. Perfect.

Mansi Ranjan

Radha's unobtrusive facilitation. The do and learn concept without text booking in the workshop.Her humility; her approachability; her energy. Every moment you spend with her is humbling and learning experience

Hari Menon

I liked the facilitation; exercises, image and forum theatre. I work with professionals and community groups alike. The theatre exercises will help me for groups exploring these issues in a non threatening environment. Radha is ; inclusive, democratic with presence of self at all times

Jaya Nuty

I had the freedom to express myself. I liked  rainbow of desire; variety of games. Radha gives opportunity to all; clear instructions; very motivating.

Dhaval Gala

Creating an enabling atmosphere for participants and the group, one is able to express one's opinion and feeling. Lots of exercises and deep meaning attached to it. Use of Forum. Space for reflection and growth. All aspects of games/exercises are highly relevant and can be used in all situations in field and during training, Reflection during the WS will be use full in life and help me take decisions. I ;liked Radha’s approach and language used,  time management. Confidence and passion for TO. I was always scared of the dark and closing eyes since childhood and I have always avoided darkness due to unknown fears. But the eyes closed exercises on day 1 helped me push myself and overcome that discomfort and learn that I can trust others even with eyes closed.

Anagha Waigankar

Everything was organised really well. There was a sense of togetherness in the group. Everyone felt very welcome and at ease with each other. Thanks to the way the team dealt with us. Definitely will be useful not just for my own understanding of TO and theatre in general but because there is so much I can apply in the work I do with children. Radha was very pleasant in her interactions with me. Excellent facilitator. Never lets anyone feel left out. Always ensures that everyone has a chance to share or question and did not leave anything unaddressed

Amrita Nair

I liked the  diversity of the group. The instructor's patience. The games.  I was going through a personal upheaval due to a break up. This was a step for me to unburden myself. Patience. Radha dealt with  difficult people/situations with ease creating a comfortable and free environment and safe space. The sense of private life affecting public relationships came our strongly. I regret that


Openness; freedom to express oneself; a feeling of being heard; fun (active, mentally, physically). I work with troubled youth. I think these techniques could be greatly benefit the communities I work with and intend to build. For the kids I think this will give them a space to express themselves better; figure out solutions and relax in themselves. Radha is very excited and enthusiastic about her work., a willingness to share. She is creative/on her toes. Her trust in us. I saw through of the games how influenced I am by my surroundings. It is good to be aware of these pressures. Had a space to practice love; see how everyone responded in such love. Saw how hard it was to remain an oppressor with someone tickling you. We all just want to receive this love and it may even be why one is oppressing others. Love is the biggest obstacle remover.

Kimberley Alexander

Radha's calm way of talking was that main thing that always kept me listening and I think listening is very important to learn. I had never any restrictions about how I should say; what I should say. The games were brilliant and beautiful. In my personal life I have learnt to accept certain things about myself after this WS - that is the best complement I could give you. Professionally, I will be using many of these activities in my work with children at Apnishala. She was always calm and composes and has a soothing voice and use of the right amount of flair in her language - not too much not too less. She gets to know people really quickly and senses them well. She is not interfering and is spontaneous in her comments during the games. There were many Aha! moments. But one of them was when I fell in love with CIR. And I became determined to use that as an end (or start) of the decision making exercise that we will do with adolescent kids.

 Swetha Ranganathan

Time to reflect; freedom and encouragement for expressions; activities with more deeper, eternal take away message. Being an organised and practical person, somehow I had forgotten to enjoy the moment and was becoming very much mechanical. This WS gave me time to re-explore what I am. Radha has a soothing  and composed voice esp. when you have eyes closed. Welcoming personality. Perfect facilitation.

Rijuta Sawant

I loved the games and everyone's willingness to participate fully. Gained a lot of energy from the group. The closed eyes exercises were really fun. I liked the IT exercises a lot and got a lot out of that experience both as audience and actor. The forums and rainbow were very thought provoking. The whole week was an wonderful opportunity to play seriously, explore my fears and hesitations and experiment. I would have liked to spend a bit more time physically preparing the body before and after. I hope to use these techniques to work with various groups in the US and India to create work as well as help inspire people to make change in there lives and communities.. To bring together something's for me regarding education, the arts , the body and social change while raising other questions. i see a lot of promise in it for me as well as some holes that I hope to fill. I liked Radha’s clarity; calm demeanor, passion for TO; ability to handle difficult questions with grace and love. Mostly, I have come to know the ways in which we participate in our own oppression which means we are the only ones who can change it. I was also left wondering about the usefulness of TO for environmental activism and post humanism.


I like Image theatre and embodying emotions in images; forum and live experience with audience; powerful exercises like GC; penguin and  mother and child; labour dance, CIR, Balancing circle etc.> I appreciate the availability of good reading material and workshop handout. Radha's transparency and directness; her energy; ability to work with and respond to the participant's FB. The forum. Your debriefing sessions were excellent. Games  The final day discussion of the importance of Krishna Leela. TY Very much for all.


Brain storming. Democratic open space; discovering power of games (society and playing games). Playing, experimenting, reflections; political stand; personal approach of relationship; TO and education. I liked Radha’s softness; reflective inputs; like sayings, questions, conclusions that will stay in the mind forever and help me in future in my personal and professional life. Words sentences that are opening doors in the mind.; taking things seriously with a lot of fun. In some games FB, during the forum looking at everyone and having their voice heard with equal legitimacy. Unlearnt the idea of right or wrong. Emancipate from the dichotomic (B and W; bad and good; stupid and clever) approach of the world. Letting go. and many other still unknown discoveries which will come while digesting this intensive WS. THANK YOU, Merrci. I am really looking forward to go on with TO beyond the teaching of French as a second language.

Pauline Guezennec

I liked the flow of the WS. The transitions were extremely smooth. I did not realise when I left my inhibitions behind and entered a new realm. A lot of aha moments led to personal growth. A sense of freedom and peace within. The facilitator techniques observed would be of real help with ice breaking with a lot of my troubled trainees. It is going to help me develop a platform within myself to help myself and my trainees. I loved the basket of ideas that Radha has; her ability to manage a spontaneous group and the aura around her.

Bhairavi Panikar