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Feedback on 6 day training June 2017

1.      I would recommend [ this workshop] to people who want to engage with body as reservoir of emotions and also those who work for stories to be heard. – Dr. Sneha M

2.      This workshop is a big step into self- work, becoming aware of the patterns that have frozen us and explore possibilities that seem not in our scope. – Amita jalan

3.      The one thing that had drawn me to TO is not just its format but also the beauty of who Radha and Ravi are as human beings. There has always been a sense of comfort in approaching them because they have always been genuine at what they do. – Cecilia Davies

4.      The insight I gained from 6 days of relative silence are far more powerful than 2 years of work experience. It teaches us to trust ourselves in our interactions with those around us. We start seeing each other as people and not as labels. I felt very safe in a room full of strangers. I found the instructions discussions, being left to my own devices, being pushed but not forced and the politics of the space inspiring and refreshing. – Deeptha Rao V N

5.      [This workshop] taught me how to reach into myself , examine my emotions and express it without being scared of how it might appear to the onlooker.  – Risha Borooah

6.      I liked the workshop for its ability to transform as a process work, giving scope for self work and developing the ability to be sensitive to the dynamics of issues around. – Kiranmai Yanamala

7.      [freeze tag] was simply amazing for me. It helped me to see that we can respond in uncertain or surprising situations ; all of us can. It helped bring out the spontaneity in me. – Malini Bharath

8.      TO has taught me the emotional importance of anger and discomfort and that it can be useful and productive and meaningful for me to express it. – Sneha Subramaniam

9.      I loved the absolute active contribution , active direction, pushing learners boundaries and working with what’s true and alive as an important trait of the facilitators. – Vikas Agarwal

10.   How forum humanizes people is a magical experience which has to [be] experienced to understand. I will definitely recommend this [workshop] because it is a “life changing experience” “magical” and gives lot of hope that “ change is possible”- Ishrath Nisar

11.   I would recommend this [to] any process worker, OD consultant and trainers. A new way of looking at personal, organizational and societal issues. A must attend workshop. Radha is one of the best facilitators I have met in my life. Ravi’s depth of understanding and clarity is rare. Hats off to your passion. The idea of democratic spaces was really experienced by all of us in each one of us having/making choices on what to explore and to what extent to explore. – S Jeyavelu

12.   Would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for change( big or small) and finding themselves and what/who we are.- Deepti Singhal

13.   “A transformatory workshop which liberates oneself from the tyranny of ones own oppressed mind”. For me it opens up a world of possibilities to work with self, others and world. – Viswanathan Sankara

14.   Even though it is an oppressive system outside, the thinking process which understand this is inside. I have understood to what extent this can be humanized. I know now there are many faces to the problem. Change in the society is not possible through constant pressure but through dialogue. My trust in this has strengthened.  – Kiranakumari

15.   Reinforced a lot of my [beliefs] and the way I work- dialogue and open communication. – Sowmyashree G.S

16.   This workshop revalidated my belief in the work that I have set out to do- which is about using the power of our bodies, our sense, and theatre in touching ‘ who we truly are’. I feel strengthened to take a stand for what I believe in. – Preeti BirlaNair

17.   I see infinite potential to adapt the techniques taught in TO to medical education. Both medical educators and medical students need to slow down and discover their real selves. The more we create spaces for the science of medicine to interlearning with the arts, the more humane doctors we will be able to produce. I look forward to collaborating with radha and Ravi and developing a pilot curriculum to make positive change happen. Medical teachers could also benefit by learning facilitation skills, creating more open educational environment.  – Dr. Anshu

18.   I became more comfortable with my body , I shed some of my inhibitions , aware of some rigid patterns , But all this did not make me feel inadequate – I was feeling light. – Uma Oza

19.   I don’t know how 6 days went by, I have made many friends for life. I feel it. The process has given me so much confidence in myself as a facilitator for any learning – be it theatre, technical etc. – Sunil Vijendra

20.   I liked the way of facilitation which helped us understand about Theatre of the Oppressed. – Vasanth

21.   As a theatre practitioner I somehow reserve myself for street theatre only and not giving space to any other avenues but after attending this workshop things have changed. I have found [Forum theatre] is the powerful way to bring out your problem and look into it from different points of view also.- Hemant

22.   The Programme allowed me to get in touch with my feelings understand others feelings and work a dialogue that respected both of us. Both Radha and ravi are excellent facilitators. The instructions are clear, encourage participants. They provide a structure and allows us freedom to explore and then are involved in building excellence. – Vrinda Menon

23.   I had come with some preconceived notions about [TO] but the way it was conducted changed my perspective and strengthened my beliefs in the process. –Divya

24.   This course can surely help: a. in breaking the patterns as its name suggests, b) it is liberating, c) it gives ‘hope’ there is a possibility to bring change using this tool. ‘ I am not the same person who came on day 1’. – Dr. Poornima

25.   I having spent about 3 decades in a corporate set up was a strong cognitive person. This workshop was an eye opener and has transformed me and I within 6 days have started using my body as an extended thinking faculty. Strongly recommend this programme for all those who are interested in becoming a transformational leader.  – Hari Iyer


 Sneha Goud

27. "First and foremost one feels the tenacity of disciplined conduct and role modelling - both Radha and Ravi never compromised at every step. The diligent care to weave theory, practice and practicality every day was evident in the evolution of maturing when each of us felt that now we can do 'this also'.

Being sensitive to the intense diversity in the learning group does come with years of passionate and scholarly design of the events that follow one after the other." - Vasu