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Feedback on 6 day training May 2018

Dear Radha and Ravi,

 I really appreciate the intent, passion and enthusiasm you infuse in workshop and  mails. 

The workshop has been very meaningful for me , both in my personal and professional  journey.  Being in touch with what  i am experiencing while being clued to the outside responses/reactions  opened up many things for me .  
During the preparation for the forum theatre -  working in a group , collaborating, respecting other's  inputs /no inputs and bringing it together was a great learning experience. The beauty was in not having a  'readymade' script  but 'acting in the moment' .  In my portrayal of  'show-off neighbour' I explored the world of that character ( I  have often  felt irritated with  people who i feel are 'boasting/showing off/exaggerating/self absorbed etc etc'  ) and now see her  world a little differently .... the character had it's own insecurities,uncertainty,  a moment to shine  not  of her own but of her son's achievements,  her world view of  should's/shouldn't .  I think in a way empathized with her! 

The forum theatre was lived out by the actors and the spectators -the line just merged  - roles explored , decisions made ,experienced  by  'one and the other';, reflected and reviewed.   Ravi jokered it powerfully with seriousness and the lightness ,  dignifying each perspective- that's something to learn .

The image gallery was another insightful experience (as a spectator) ...the  meanings each one holds for authority , working with the bodies to depict your perspective and being a integral part of the same  gallery  ....a web of complexities  and you are a part of it. 

The only feedback i had to work on is  more time for discussions .  though we had the breaks to discuss with a few , group wisdom matters .

And for you Radha and Ravi- The  energy,  convictions and commitment for the work is palpable .  The openness and transparency  you held the workshop eased the process of learning. 

I look forward for volunteering oppurtunities  and participating in future workshops. Thanks a ton !

A workshop participant.