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Forum Theatre on Dementia

Date:                   23 November 2011
Participants:   Senior Citizens Dignity Foundation, Rotary Senior 
                               Citizen's Group, Bengaluru
Facilitator:       Radha Ramaswamy

Dear Radha teacher,   
The theatre which we enacted on the 23rd of Nov. 201 carried me away to my child hood days..

Both my parents had dementia which I did not understand during those days.
My father more or less did the same things Mrs. Krishna Singh enacted in the play and like the character
Mrs. Pramila enacted showing so much concern reminded me of my wife who was very attached to my dad who
used to respond to her only even now she garlands their photo and prays them. 
My mother had lost her memory completely and refused to leave our house although all  my other brothers and
sisters wanted to take her to their home.
Thank you very much for reminding me of those golden days, I enjoyed in my childhood.With kind regards -  

Dearest Radha,
Yesterday was the greatest day in my life. With yours and Mr.Ram's help, I was able to do little bit of justice to the play. I was married at a very young age of 18years,and was not able to complete my studies. Now, I really repent for that, and I feel I had done the greatest mistake.  In spite of this, I am quite knowledgeable ,and I am able to carry out myself in society  with diginity and pride. As per your desire Iam sending the details of  the effects  before and after me,joining your classes.
Mrs Radhaswamy started the Forum Theatre Performance classes in the month of March ,to the Senior Citizens of Dignity Foundation,East Chavadi.   My name is Mrs. Geetha Nagaraj Rao. We the East Chavadi members. had done a Forum Performance at Jayanagar Main Branch ,some months ago, on the subject of senior abuse. The play was a grand success.  On 23rd. of November again we did Forum Theatre Performance called "There's Nothing Wrong With My Mother!! at the Rotary House Of Learning opp. Coles Park Frazer Town Bangalore,at 4.30p.m. This play was also interactive. The subject was on Mental Health, and it dealth with particulary on stressing the difficulties of looking after persons with some form of mental illness.

When I was doing my role,in the second play, suddenly I felt very guilty,for not taking good care of my M.I.L. during her last few years. At that particular point, I was feeling ashamed of myself. If only I could have touched my M.I.L.'s heart with  a sense of caring love and understanding, I do not think, today I would have this guily feelings. I was not understanding her difficulties at all. At present when I am geting old, Iam completely understanding her plight at that time. Now i feel,if only I can rewind the time. From this play I have learnt two greatest lessons. One is PATIENCE and second one  is COMMITMENT.
From the last eight months I have changed myself. I can feel  the difference . Of late, I have gained lots of self confidence, which I was lacking before. This success I owe to Mrs. Radharamaswamy, I am ever greatful to her in bringing this change in me. She has touched my heart with love and compassion. Thanks a lot to you RADHA.
Geetha Nagaraj Rao

Theatre for the Oppressed is a concept for which we're fortunate to have been exposed to by our highly qualified Rotarian Radha Ramaswamy.It has been a real eye opener for people who take life for granted.It has personally taught me a lot of things.Small personal traits like forgiveness, compassion, pity, love, caring has made a deep dent in my life.I have realized how colourful life is if you just imbibe these qualities in your day to day life.I am totally indebted to Mr and Mrs Ramaswamy for the world they have opened for us.
Long live theatre for the oppressed.
Pramila Shetty