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Fountainhead School Feedback

Liked about the workshop Useful in life? How Liked about the facilitator
1 Activities that led to identifying the problem and their solutions It has changed my perspective Well prepared and quite confident in delivering the programme
2 I liked the use of theatre element and the way the element of fun and enjoyment was infused through various games.  I think it will help me to just be myself and relax and chill in class , while following and completing my agenda He was empathetic and knowledgeable as per his task
3 Forum yes( He was very sure about the content and to what extent it should be structured
4 Games and foirum  I can take away the activities in my class. I can use forum to show case study He is very confident and able to convince us. He is very open minded, we feel comfortable with him. 
5 Body language of the facilitator( respect), listening, non judgemental  through action In professional life and also in personal- body language , to make classroom inclsive with fun and respect
6 The clear instruction for each activity, Learning experience, Forum Good time managing skills, Clear in the instructions 
7 Forum and activities It will help me in the classes calm,. Composed and knowledgeable
8 liked the different games which is based on listening and concentration Body language, face expression, different perspective to solve different issues confidence level and fun nature
9 Forum and games Taking games and forum as a part of learning  Very clear and specific about objectives for the group
10 Blind car We can take activity as ice breaker, or to make our students engage in class. energetic
11 I liked all the activities , It will help me in conducting the clasases.  I can now listen to what others feel and say rather than only listen to what I want to hear.  Very energetic and knew exactly what needs to be done 
12 Blind car, bus, , Blind handshake Different activities for grouping/differentiating and thinking out of the box.  Open mindedness and approach
13 I really liked the way a lot of emotions can be conveyed through images/visuals. Also how forum theatre helps to look at different perspectives to problems. It will be helpful both is personal and professional life as theatre helps to look at problems in different perspectives and through different lenses.  He was very easy to approach in case of doubts. Kept moving around and was very active throughoput the 2 days which jhelped audience to be alert and interested.
14 All  I can use them in class He is very cool person and his voice is very effective
15 Coming up with different activiries and everyone was having different views I knew and learnt different ways people think, change in perspectives and how my paradigms have been changed. Full of energy, never saw a feeling where he was losing energy or bored to further conduct activities
16 Games and foirum  Listening, observing, considering multiple perspectives, looking deeper inside myself to overcome challenges well planned and executed, clear with instructions, taking care it does not become boring.
17 The energiser games were interesting, imnvolvijg and helped in team building . Enacting of plays was interesting  Can be implemented in class well prepared and lively
18 Body image, Mother baby problems to be seen from different points/variables can be changed to resolve  Cooperative and understanding 
19 Theatre is about acting and actions are what is societ/people  around us demand. So to use ot to solve issues is what this workshop brought  It will hekp me to get more connected to my students in the class to motivate them for learning. He conducted it very well by just being the facilitator and not influencing the participants with thoughts but giving the experience.
20 Team building activites, for looking at a problem from different perspectives to find solution.  I will try to use more non-verbal gestures to communicate Great facilitator and took the session/ workshop effectively, Creative In bringing different games.
21 Games and foirum  It will help me in expressing myself in a batter way with minimum speech very well prepared with the content which he had to deliver
22 It was really interactive with lots of good games and wholesome variety of them; the forum was awesome, the direction given to the discussions by sir was truly insightful. It was perfect. The three main skills we have nurtured in the workshop are listening, observation and dialogue. The perspectives of all people in your life are important, they have contributed well in enhancing my prof and per life. Yhe way he took the flow of the workshop was awesome. He is very cordial and understanding person. Great to hjave attended the workshop
23 It was very helpful to express our ideas and able to come on stage and face the audience I think it is very helpful because it made me learn that every person is unique and as a human being , everyone has problms in life, but how to overcome from these problems and expressing also required for this. was wonderful 
24 there were excellent activities that can be practiced with the students We can have a change to look at different alternatives instead of giving up on something. The facilitator was bold and able to explain the things in a simple manner and also he was very interested in making a different wih the participants