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Date:                   4th and 5th. May, 2013
Participants:        ICICI Fellows, Khandala, Maharashtra
Facilitator:           PS Ramaswamy
Involving, thought provoking and reminded me of previous experience (Bad & Good Ones). The glass cobra exerrsice where we had to walk with our eys closed, triggered these a lot of times.

Akanksha Srimastana

Opportunity for self Reflection, amazing fun during the activity and completely experiential.
The facilitator was very calm and composed & keeps the energy level high

Girish Sampath

Non Judgmental Attitude throughout the workshop. I enjoyed Glass Cobra and Colombian Hypnosis exercises.

Angarayan S

An opportunity for introspection. I like the Ice breakers and listing of issues and working in image theatre. The whole atmosphere was  non Judgemental, with freedom to expression opinions It was an opportunity to innovate.

Ashesh Rajans

I appreciated the non-interpretive & non judgmental pedagogy, The reactions by many activities evoked in me and the fun involved in it.
The approach being non-interpretive. There was individual attention frankness of expression in exercises.

Rohan Singh

I enjoyed the activities and Games and the concept of Forum Theatre. These game me certain insights into real life.
The facilitator allowed healthy discussions.


I like the activities such as forum theatre and the debriefs and opportunity for reflections after activities. The facilitator was open to everybody's  suggestions.