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JSS Medical College, Mysore

Date:                   24 - 26th. April 2014
Participants:        Medical Students and Medical Teachers
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy
Place:                  JSS Medical College, Mysore     

I enjoyed re-experiencing my childhood, regaining my self respect. 
The play which showed how confused, helpless a medical intern is,  truly happened with me and the only solution for that is experience and to tolerate the other person and not feeling inferior.
The facilitator was friendly and conveyed the message in a wonderful way.

Mounica Gonda K.N

All the games - really helped building up the spirit in a beautiful way with a deeper meaning. I guess I would look at life in a more positive & humanistic manner, Radha Ma'am  has excellent communication skills; can really get people to work; is   a great leader & inspiring. The realisation that body language can change things a lot & convey the message across & let your tongue take rest was very useful.  I am going to apply that in life.  Amazing experience, Guys !  I had a great time !  Thank you !!!

Hameed uddin Ahmed

Nearly every game we played was symbolic of something far deeper, the meaning of which cannot be expressed in just words, but needs to be grasped, as an experience. I loved the fact that most of what I learnt was not preached. In Glass Cobra, the moment my partner found me, the moment she put her hands on my shoulder and let it rest on them, I felt relieved, secure and safe.  It probably catered to a deeper need i have, for meaningful companionship.  It was not until then that I knew how lonely I was.


Made me feel "AT EASE".    Helped me discover that most of us have similar problems.  We travel in the "SAME BOAT".  The exchange of ideas, emotions, touch, helped to improve my bonding with my friends & colleagues. The Aha! Moment for me was when I was asked to close my eyes and remember anything, I feel ‘guilty’ of, it triggered a lot of flashbacks, some 'AHA' and some 'UFFO'

Ankit Jain

I was a actor for a while, and I love acting.  So, I was enjoying the play as an actor. The games and plays made us feel the situation of other characters in the play , so that we will understand the situation of every other human being.


The ‘Race’ forum was a realistic situation as life is never fair for everyone but what we can do to reach the endpoint actually lies in our own hands.   The workshop "humanises" a mechanised doctor/human being. As we progress, the journey will keep becoming tougher, but one thing is for sure - I will not forget how important compassion and humanity is in this professional journey.


Simplicity of the games which was performed and very big and wonderful importance of each and every action we performed.  This is the thing which really amazed me. The friendly facilitator, the friendly environment and open conversation can teach any one important lesson regarding life or can boost the thinking of a person to think in different manner.  I am really thankful to her for such a different experience.

Vishal Kumar Thakur

The aim of the workshop was clear and the facilitator too lots of care to involve the entire batch.  No one,, not even single person was left, amazing ..people who never stood up in 4.5 yr.. got great opportunity to know their thoughts. The environment was fully energized by her efforts. I had a nice learning experience, not sure how it might help me but hope it does !!!

Jitesh Midha

The way it involves you completely.  How many issues could come up with one problem. I realized touch is so important even with students.

Dr. Prashant V

Made me happy.  Made be open up and helped me to broaden my views on various aspects.  Helped me to analyse a lot of issues in a better way. Felt really comfortable as the Facilitator was open to all criticises and opinions.  She was very friendly and was ready to be in our shoes and see how things are at  one end. Glass Cobra made me realise that how difficult it was to let go and it resembled a bit to real life.  At some point you will have to let go certain things and helped me to realise it in a better way.

Parvati Dinesh

The facilitator gave a  chance to everyone to give their opinion. In Glass Cobra game, when I found my partner (with all my eye closed), I felt very good, that with eyes closed also I can recognize a person.

Poonam Verma

Confidence to speak out loud with a audience sharing ideas &  seeing to become a better person. I liked the Forum Theatre, probably one of the best ways where we could express our problems to our seniors. Radha Ma’am has a very pleasant way of talking to people.  Filled the gap between the students and teachers perfectly.

Sumanth Kumar B

Forum Theatre grabbed our teachers' attention about our issues !


Working in Groups  made me to change my personal opinion on some of my classmates whom even though was with them for 4 yrs, did not have a chance to know them better and thank you for conducting this workshop ! I really learnt the ways on how to make a whole bunch of uninterested group of people to make them get involved and it was  Great!


This is my first experience, this workshop helped me in many ways but 2 things that helped me a lot.  First thing in mage Theatre,  I learned that by our body expression/attitude, we can see many meaning in it.  So we have to aware of that (keep it in mind that if the thinking/viewing a thing in one way, there is many other ways to think) so be positive and think good.  Secondly, basically I am short tempered person, I came to know that by doing some exercises/eyes closing for few minutes in any situation/complicated case, it may help me to handle the situation. This workshop helped me to do something as an intern in case of complicates situation.

Shreyas B.M.

There were no lectures, no presentations to pretend to be interested in.  Activities done were left to subjective interpretation.  Nobody tried to discuss - ' Okay,  THIS is the take-home message'. I might have been more interesting if the participants were complete strangers.  That way, there would be no inhibitions.   Though, it might have caused inhibitions too... I don't know ! The facilitator was friendly and tried to see things  from different point of view.  She did not tell us how to feel/react/think.  She left us the freedom of expression. I particularly liked the opportunity to express to the faculty of the MEU, how important treating colleagues with respect is.  It is so often taken for granted -  Disrespect only pushes people to hating what they do.  It is Not a form of 'Tough Love'

Vaishnavi Raman

Clarity of the Facilitator’s expressions reached us really well.  The concept of Step back and step up really inspired me to participate.  I felt a sense of equality - which I really will work within myself.  Should have been for more days. Radha Ma’am is a really encouraging, understanding person. In the scenes of the Forum play.  I was a different person!

Sharadhi R