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June 2013 Six Day training

Date:                     3rd. - 8th. June 2013
Participants:        Open Workshop, Bangalore
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy

I came into this WS with a void in me. I came out filled with water almost spilling. I cannot wait to share my cup of water with my friends.

Lawrence Epsonia

The forum plays and the Rainbow of Desire triggered Aha moments for me. They somewhere linked to conflicts and stresses in my life and brought them to the surface.

Rinku Gala

The play my team created and performed for the Public forum provided me with a great clarity. I have been able to crystallise my feelings, emotions and articulate my philosophy towards parenting like I have never been able to before. 

Preeta Naveen

In the family image making exercise, I realised how important it was for me to break through boundaries and LIVE!

Manish Chaudhary

The way I could let go myself was very revealing to myself! The sessions complemented by discussions, the space - all these gave me moments to to relive my experience. It was amazing how there was overall bonding of the group which could not have happened without Radha's facilitation skills.


It was absolutely apparent from the change I saw in myself over the last 6 days that the workshop has been most useful for me.
I was going through a great deal of conflicts and desperately looking for a Aha moment to come my way. When we did image of family in groups of 4. I really had a tough time holding my family members together who were desperately trying to move apart, I had to exert a great amount of energy. Finally I succeeded. That was the Aha moment. By and by,  I noticed a certain change in myself. I relearned that the oppressed is the one who has to initiate the change and cannot just wait for the oppressor to change. In fact empowering the Oppressed in the right way is essential. Thanks Radha and thanks once again to CCDC.


In Carnival in Rio,  I found my behaviour reflective of my real life behaviour when faced with conformity dilemma. I was able to be with an emotion and experience in all its intensely during the exercise and effortlessly comeback to the present when it was over - something I was not confident of being able to do before.


Radha's temperament was very relaxed and calming. In ROD,, it came across beautifuklly that the  facilitator MUST trust the technique, the medium and the participants. 


I loved the The physicality of the WS. The shift in focus from language to body; logic to emotions.I relished the composition of the group, the diversity of age, experience and opinion. Humility of the facilitator; the non judgmental nature of things.


Increased self awareness and to be more comfortable with my body

Gayathri Swaminathan

I hope to use Forum Theatre to develop insight both for me and my students in doctor patient, doctor -doctor and teacher-student communication


Helped me talk normally with my sister with whom I had not been talking for 3 months


The Workshop gave me a sense of of community. The perspectives widened my thinking. Helped me look deeper into myself and raise questions that I was refusing to ask myself.

The forum made me realise how to enter the play with no expectations; to not look for desired outcome and the process itself was great. How to let out bodies speak for itself and to go inwards to express and place this thoughts outside ourselves through our bodies.

Sowmya Srinivasan

I always thought I was a liberal parent but it kept me thinking that I am also an oppressive parent. Rainbow of Desire was very heavy for me and I did not want to go into my past and dig into problems. But, Radha had said that everybody will be taking away something or the other from the Workshop. By the end of the workshop, I realised I was able to make more firm  and clear decisions.

Nina Gala

Stepping up and participating in group activities is something I struggle with (so many cops in the head). But this Workshop, the magic that TO is, it  always reminded me that I can and always reminds me I should

Neha Naqvi

There were many aha moments :-). Some stand out. When we did group images of family - made me realise that what I really want for all of us and the existing conflict. In Forum theatre, even with no serious theatre experience earlier, I could feel overwhelmed after playing the character.

Aparna Amte

Experiencing TO techniques allowed me to gain another perspective on how complicated issues can be represented in a simpler way. TO will help my work by becoming a reflective/analytical too for change.

Francis Freeman