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KARMIC - Indian Medical Students National Conference

Date:                   April 12, 2014
Participants:        Open Workshop, Bangalore
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy

It was amalgamation of fun and deep thought in it. It helped 'me' to speak confidently with stranger, made the child inside me come alive.  Every day I seem to behave like a dead body. Before knowing others its important to know what we are so I think this kind of workshop helps us how we behave with others.  


Got to kown that many people go through the same situations in life that I go through. I realised that a decision is not always a burden.  Got to know myself. This experience made me think wider and better and that I need not always strive to be perfect;  it can be made perfect by just living lining that moment. 

Bhavana S.V

While interacting with different people, I realised all answers are within me. Johnny Saxena
I liked the 'expressing conflict'  part of the workshop and of course the games. It will help me with my decision making and I hope  to take another workshop by T.O workshop. Rekha
It gave me a chance to shed my inhibitions and open up. Also I learnt to make quick decisions.  Ayushi 


I could rediscover myself.  The games were deeper than they seemed to be. During the walk, Radha madam asked us to exaggerate the feeling in my mind;  it was like an emotional story.  I thought, I would burst out.  But then, the very next moment, she asked us to come back to normal and that very moment, the tears in my eyes just dried away.  This taught me that even I can somewhere, to some extent control my emotions.  Thanks for that.  

Yasho Poorna Shree

Individual opinion matters.  Interaction with strangers can be fun.  Long forgotten emotions of burst in. I usually do not trust anyone.  But playing a game with a complete stranger plus trusting her completely is something I can never forget.  

Mridul Singh

A lot of activities conducted and not just another class of lecture.  The lessons behind each game we played was interesting. It will be useful in my personal life as it has taught me some hidden facts about life.  And about my professional life, it has definitely turned me towards being a good doctor. The sculpting game, in which I was sculpted a doctor was indeed something important in my life.  I understood that it is more important for a doctor to respect and understand his patients than just have a medical knowledge.   

Monisha E

The games were fun and thought provoking,. One thing that would definitely help in bo the my personal and professional life is the art of quick decision making which I tried learning today.When a fellow participant spoke about an issue and we did this forum theatre on it, the solutions presented were enlightening. 

Rajashree R

My mind relaxed, pushing away all the nervousness which I usually face.  I could feel free and interact with everyone.  All present at the workshop, in spite of not knowing each other had a wonderful rapport. 

Rashmi N.S.

It was a fun.  After a long time, I enjoyed a lot, and learnt to be interactive.  Could not realize how the time passed,. Yes.  I gained confidence to interact with strangers.  


It was a friendly. Workshop, where I interacted and did so many exercises with strangers.  This actually helped me to learn about decision making and mixing with people easily, It was an amazing experience, there is nothing that I can think of that I did not like. Yes.  It will help in quick decision making, living life with peace.    If I practice the 'lessons' from this workshop,  then I am sure I will have less problem with dealing with my own life, which in turn, will help me to serve my patients better.  

H. Banerjee

Image Theatre and also how each game is made in such a way that it depicts a metaphor to life was really interesting.  Really surprised to see how such simple games made me relate it to life. It will help understand a person/patient better and try to read him just by his presence without even talking to him. When I closed my eyes to think of the conflict, I shouted .. thinking and that's when I realised I have so many conflicts and I need to deal with them.    

Saquib Hossain

Lots of activities which were enjoyable and gave us  a sense of relaxation.  Activities done today make me think about new things, about something out of the box to solve my daily problems. 

H.Shatananda Prasad

Gives us the insight about life.It will help me improve my relationships with patients and family.   

Pratik P. Shingru

The games were very interesting and helped us build rapport and team spirit.  The Image Theatre was a good way to analyse people's natures.  It made re-consider who I really was.  Now that I am aware, I can always deal with people accordingly. The Hand - shake exercise and Image Theatre helped me figure who I was.    

Siddhant J. Thampi

Just the way it works.  It teaches, asks, answers, analyses...  A inspirational one.   Kishor U.
The interaction, expressing ourselves, The deep thought provoking exercises, the self realisation moments, the leadership qualities etc.  I now understand the perception and a reason of me being a Doctor and I know how to express myself.  

Dhanvarsha S.

An eye opener for people who think being a good doctor does not necessarily need good decision making skills.   

S. Aravind

I loved the spontaneity of the whole event.  Need to mix the crowd to "break the ice". enjoyed all the exercise, games, learned different things from each one of them !!   


Making split decisions without depending on others.   T.O. Is very good, everyone enjoyed it.   

V. Divya Rupa

Its fun and we learn to think in a new way, understand things better. Knowing and understanding others feelings better. Image Theatre.  New people working together as if we were friends from a long time.   

Sri Pravallika

Interaction & communication with new people.  The image theatre - analysing & depicting the things through images was awesome.   

Mounika T

It was fun !  I never got the opportunity to feel BORED.    The games helped me to discover new, hidden, deeper aspects of being a human as such.  I thought the Image Theatre concept was really cool. I had no ideas that I could carry so much of meaning and yet say so little.   

Kadambari N

Interaction among the strangers.  Trust on each other. Fun activities with deep meanings.  Interpersonal relationship. These are some areas that I gained insight into.   

Sowmya Shree B.V.

Games were so fun to do.  Everything required complete participation of oneself without hesitation which was much needed for a shy person like me.  Wonderful choice of activities.  

Alekhya Amuddapalli

Every bit inspiring - telling how much confused we really are.  It told us regarding ourselves.    

Kishor Kunal

The message behind the exercise, its now easier to understand and implement the same in real life.   

Spoorthy Babu

Making you what you want to be in a fraction of second.  

Thejasvi B.R.

The way all strangers become a group and put in their thoughts to bring out a image was really awesome. Useful in reacting to the present situation to improve one's action towards the situation or some relationship (to make decision in better way).    

P. Logeshwari

It was more of activities, it was very interesting.   My observation skills improved.     

Tejaswini T.S.

I liked that it gave me the opportunity to interact with new people and gave me a chance to learn more about how to express myself. I hope that CCDC conducts a workshop in my college too so that everyone (my friends) can learn more.  

A. Rasagana