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Karur 1

Date:                     20th and 21st. April, 2013
Participants:        Women Activists of Karur District, Tamil Nadu
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy
I learnt the value of Give and take and to patiently analyse problems. Everybody participated. The facilitator made even quiet people to speak. TO was explained through games clearly and in a unforgettable way. It was very nice.

Usha Rani

The games in this training show the true essence of life and will really help.


Housewives will benefit by coming out. In GC I really struggled to find my partner and felt very happy grabbing to form the correct partner I don’t like walking alone.

It helps an individuals to improve there ability to introspect and learn. It is an effective method to organize people through equal participation. It operates on the strong foundation of democratic values and put things in a simple compassionate way. It is a appealing and influencing in a positive way

Jothi Mani

It reduced tension. I understood my self. Remembered childhood, developed thinking skill.

Gomathi D

I learned many things from the facilitator and from the group. It improved my confidence level and I am expecting more trainings. I learned many things from the facilitator and from the group. I was able to grasp many valued things in each every play

G. Usha

I Understood that if you have clarity and courage every problem has a solution

Kavitha P

I Understood that we can not do anything alone. We have to share our experience with everyone

Vasugi M

I learned a new approach to understand problems and look for solutions, got clarity to continue to work for society with confidence. Got a new insight in to leadership during Columbian Hypnosis.

Ashok Kumar

Yes, Felt that we can tackle any problem boldly. Drinking destroys family. Finding solutions to many  social problems is difficult - we have to try to solve that.

Manikantan G

This will be useful for a woman for managing the family as also for taking leadership of a group. For achieving anything not alone but as a group. Through Glass Cobra exercise learnt anything is possible. CIR and GC - individual can not to anything; but a  group can do. You can communicate easily through games and music. A group can continue to function if the leader guides properly. Felt that if women have courage and confidence, they can do anything. Understood how common problems can be solved. Need many more trainings. We will create strong groups by sharing what we learnt with people.

Susheela S

Awareness for girl children taking care of one self, bringing problems out. Value joint effort. Training should continue. I will grow as well as be a guide for other women


I am a woman. I can also achieve, every woman can achieve. I wish a woman becomes an achiever . I do not have this experience, I joined in the training, I felt I can achieve, I have to learn lots, two days not enough, need more training. 

Muthulakshmi R

There difference between leadership and power,  building skills through activities, decision making through the training. 


This is the first time I am taking part in a such an event. The experience of meeting many people, many ideas, group effort. Self Confidence, Nothing is impossible, effort will be rewarded.

D. Anandhi