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KIST Medical College, Kathmandu. Medical Students and Faculty

Date:                    6th. April 2012 - 8th. April 2012.
Participants:       Students, Faculty, KIST Medical College, Kathmandu, Nepal
Facilitator:        Radha Ramaswamy
Playing small games and relating them to real life. Learning to act in different methods in same problem, acting not talking.
An important moment for me was the explanation which concluded how long term environment influences instantaneous decisions.
Sailesh Karki

Games like colombian hypnosis( esp. the 4th form), blind exercises glass cobra… almost all games were refreshing, Image theatre was very powerful for me.( the part were images were instructed to explore their deepest feelings and express them in words the moment they are signalled to), Forum was the source of perception and ideas to look upon situations, ways to tackle some incidences, creating images using your perception.
An experience of lifetime for the lifetime, sort of driving force towards perceiving things, a trigger to give an outlet to your oppressed self. 

Sagar Thapa

Explore real life situations, it was interactive and fun, the games sessions were somehow related to real life and it made us think and be more aware. 

Abhishek Tamarakar

The fact that I was pushed to express my emotions through the image theatre, debriefing, playing games by just letting go.
Moments were filled with joy, happiness and learning in the end. The Aha moment for me was while playing the fainting game and the moment I was saved I felt something good. Sometimes I feel that I am all too alobne and helpless and if someone could help me and through this game, as i was saved i got to know the feeling.

Anusmriti Guragain

Making image of given theme, giving chance to spectator in forum, all the games played.
All the games were interesting. I liked glass cobra extremely. After I found the circle in the same way I was very much surprised.

Janak Raj Pokharel

I liked Radha Ma'am's ways of explaining whole of the things and handling any situation so promptly and in a comfortable manner. I liked the childish game which turned out to be related in so many ways in our everyday life. I liked the chances given to everyone of us to put our opinions after the games.
Topics brought out were so real and while making images of the same, I could comfort myself because the problems could be handled in so many other ways from so many different perceptions. 

Santhoshi Gajurel

Laughing, having fun, fainting by numbers( falling without being frightened),Being aware of different voices, finding someones : in real life if I have any hand it will never let me go because you never know about bumbs. 
It was carnival in rio, I had teh Aha! moment. Why didn’t I try harder? I gave up easily! Actually I forgot to try , just had one concept in mind,I have to unite!! But I must have tried. Even though I lost I will never give up hope. As glass cobra united again I know even if I lose or get lost, if i keep trying and be positive i will be able to look again open my eyes again!

Imona Sabedi

There was so much of laughter, I could connect to life with every game, absolute fun
Felt a Aha moment when I was laughing a lot.

Abani Bhandari

Radha ramaswamy and her cooperative family, Interesting games and activities, full participation of the whole group
The experience of being united at the end of glass cobra really felt good. It was a great experience. Really enjoyed it. 

Pratistha Ghimre

Games, Radha Ma'am's inspiring word, busy only with myself, Atleast for a moment I forgot the presence of being a bookish medical student
The forum experience where we thought of something and were supposed to act the same way. Quite difficult to put our words into action. I think this fact would help transform me to be daring enough to take action rather than thinking only. 

Alish Mishra

It was intersting and fun, could relate each part of game with my life, it was effective. Im glad I was part o such a good program.

Sanjeeb Dhungana

Chance to experience new things, Creativity/ Imagination, just go with the flow( spontaneous)
All the small games they were Aha moment for me. Specially trusting others in the game glass cobra where youn let go of yourself and find your partner who then leads you and you follow.

Bhushan Bikram K.C

Everyone was motivated to speak up, We worked in groups, we got an opportunity to invite our friends to see us in action
The time during fainting by numbers when Ravi Shankar Sir fainted saying " my mother-in-law". At that time everyone laughed out loud , some even sat and laughed. I looked around and it felt like a beautiful movie. And ther around me were the most beautiful people ive ever seen. They were not faking, they had their masks off, all of them were laughing > as this workshop ends the movie ends But we learned something, while we smile we have forgotten to laugh. I hope you keep on continuing to spread the laughter the smiles and happiness and helkp make everyone beautiful.

Diki Lhamu Sherpa

It was fun to play games, learnd many new issues related to our life, got the opportunity to express ourselves. I enjoyed every exercise/game to the fullest especially enjoyed the forum which really was based on real stories. 

Anjali Gupta

Carnival in Rio, Glass cobra, Forum
In glass cobra, I get to think about the blind people who mamage their lives and also happy that I can do harder thing if they have liked to do that.

Manish Jha

I liked the way how successful it went in fulfilling its objectives, It makes learning more fun, Its based on being human with morals.
I think the Glass cobra game was very powerful, I felt Aha moment when I found my partner Closing eyes and looking for someone was difficult and to add we had ti reunite. But when it was completed successfully I felt like nothing is impossible if you are determined and committed.

Aanchal Chaudhary

I was able to express myself much more and I too developed more confidence, I felt as if now I am confident enough to feel what others mean and also use all of my senses.
I really enjoyed a lot, am happy and thankful to myself and the facilitator to help me explre myself.

Sangeetha Poudel

Fun games, learning images forum.

Dr Suneel Piriyani

Fun games, learning experiences that you get, unioque pespective that you acquire
Bibek K C

Games relating to real life events, taking off the hats, acting/discussing respect for individual perceptions.
The moment in the cop in the head game you never thought your impromptu reactions would be a result of so much of criticism going in your head.

Kanchan Duwadi

With 3 different batches and faculty working as a team without any discomfort and hesitation was the best part of the workshop. Hands down for this effore from the managem,ent for this. Image theatre and step down.

Bibek Dhungana

Image completion task, carnival in rio, had fun with colleagues, became like children playing games, got a chance to learn a lot.

Pratik Pandey

Zip zap zoom, images, theatre and works
During snake cobra, I had very difficult time being blind and surrounded and touched by different people but after the concept was clear, undrstood and wanted the game to be modified a bit.


Practical application, innovative methodology, deletion of hierarchy
In glass cobra the speed with which the entire group acted to get the work done. ( team work rules), the place where I found people with same thoughts as me.

Kunda Gautham

we were free to do anything, learning with enjoying
Playing blind games and feeling how it feels to be blind.


Management, various games, forum, cop in the head
During closed eyes exercise, when I found my partner whem I had lost, the experience was wow. 


Step up /Step back, challenge yourself, listen for understanding.

Sonu Bharati

Learning with fun, Activitiy based, using simple activities, with profound results, workijg so closely with students. 
The glass cobra joining up like magic after the blind groping around for your partner.

Dr. Shankar