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Manipal Institute of Communication

Date:                    23rd.-25th. January 2012.
Participants:       Students, Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal, India
Facilitator:        Radha Ramaswamy
I liked Machine, Forum theatre, fear/protector and glass cobra. I felt respect and pride in group and myself rose after machine game. Won't undersell myself anymore.
Scott Middlecote

I explored myself, confronted my problems, addressed my question of conditioning and critical thinking. 
Ratnika Sharma

The facilitation made me comfortable... learning experience  which I will build on... want to be active participant in future.
Poorvi Sharma

Zip, zap, zoom was enjoyable and also the bus forum.In the bus forum, when people started clapping ( for what I did) it was an Aha moment.
Priya Singh

It boosts self confidence, self exploration, develops diverse perspectives of situations, people and culture. Image theatre was Intriguing.
Poorvi Sardar

I like TO forum, Games, organization. Every moment I experienced a new me.
Lakshmi S L Gowda

The blind exercises games built my confidence. I let myself go in the blind exercises and the shape shifter exercise.
Collin Furtado

Excellent bonding experience, solid base for effective self exploration, raises self confidence and spirits. Grouped together with people facing the same emotion for the conflict situation was Aha moment.
Shashank K S

I liked the joker, games , forum. The 'Aha' moment for me was the glass cobra when I found the person in front of me and the person behind me found me.
Nivedya Pankaj

I was fresh, listened to and accepted others' suggestions, became confortable with people who I'm usually not comfortable with.In the glass cobra how the group came back together when their eyes were closed was the Aha moment for me.
Bivin V Benny

I liked Blind exercise, body imagery and discussions. The blind exercise moved me to tears.

I liked glass cobra, machine, confidence building exercise , forum...  boosted my self confidence.
Ajay Rao

I liked glass cobra, team work. Environment in the workshop was wonderful... self discovery and listen to your own voice.
Sonia Ghalian

Improved myself, interaction 
Sinu K Thomas

I enjoyed the guidance of facilitator, unification of people in a group.
Glass cobra was Aha moment. Startegy is to close your eyes, understand the level of patience and thought process needed.

Roshni Raman

I liked glass cobra, bus forum, sharing of point of conflict. Walking with my eyes closed was a challenge. Okay to go against impulse sometimes. 
Madhura Somayaji

I realised the spontaniety of thought, exploration of senses, expression of oneself , exploration of others' perspectives. Somewhere down the line this workshop may make a difference to me.
Narottam Medhora

I enjoyed the exercises, discussions, environment.Aha moment "its not about the system it's about you".
 I'm taking back all the arguments. 
Vaishnavi Shenoy

I enjoyed comfort level, glass cobra, cop in the head. Before the workshop - really scared to talk In a group, in the workshop I surprised myself everytime I spoke. 

I loved the games, free thought, acting. Problem can contain so many solutions, what we need to do is step out and assess.  
Kailash Koushik

Privacy, application of theatre to solve problems, games. In image theatre - lot of perspectives came into play. Very insightful.
Abhijith Sudhir

Games, exercise, theatre. Bus forum was helpful

I liked the team work, games , discussions. Choreographing a play was the best.
Karishma Hansen

We were allowed to sit out, everyone was always participating. I knew the answer to others' problems and didn’t realise the magnitude of it (Cop in the Head)

Activities put a smile on my face, simple yet so revealing. Being aware of my own internal conversation, made me see things in a different way.

I liked the exercises, creating plays, discussions. Glass cobra showed power of trusting others more than yourself.

I enjoyed the exercises, energy, variety.Was speechless. Let go and experience life freely as I choose to be.
Bhairavi Ponappa

The exercises helped to deal with certain problems, non-compulsion to speak in the workshop, forum theatre. The glass cobra was a good experiece. Suggestion- TO is to help people  who find it difficult to communicate in groups because of the different backgrounds, caste, or even race.
Praphul Ram