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May 2014 Six Day Training

Date:                    26 - 31 May, 2014.
Participants:        Open Workshosp
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy
Place:                    Vidyadeep college, Bangalore 

The facilitator gives time and space to everyone equally. I liked The preparation concept and set up for the forum performance; the lovely style of facilitation giving everyone equal weightage. The facilitator diligently focusses on getting the most out of each experience for everyone. "I had several ‘Aha’ moments. 

Working with children helped me experience a part of society, I only imagine otherwise. 

My biggest insight has been on my role as a parent.  The rainbow of desire has helped my explore my feelings as a mother and my relationship with my daughter. 


I loved the diversity of the group (especially age and backgrounds). The workshop was almost entirely experiential. I appreciated Radha's ability to both hold interest and curb excitement at the same time without even actually raising her voice or jumping up and down.The Aha moment for me was my conflict while playing the oppressor is Neela’s dynamised image about eve teasing. 


Most of the games helped me realized something about myself. The instructions were simple and clear.I wasn’t forced to participate or share in all activities. 


There was varied participate from different cities. 
 and everyone was given equal  opportunities to participate. Time for self realization and reflection and think of various strategies.I liked all the game and strategies which will be helpful to me in my professional life too. For me the best part was the school visit and playing games with the children and it was amazing to know about their thoughts, perception about themselves and others.  I loved it. 


I completely loved the way safety and trust were built into the group.  I found myself in a child like position curious questioning, playful, spontaneous so often and so comfortably.  The collective energy of the group and intentional shift in perspective brought about by several games were invaluable. Radha you demonstrated unconditional acceptance and spontaneity that held me and the group.  


I enjoyed the immediate bonding with strangers who are family now. Forum plays have been icing on the cake.I am talking with me a lifetime to learning.  Thank you Radha for equipping me with the ability to identify pattern and during to break them for initiating change through exploring possible solutions. 

I will always treasure the learnings from this workshop. Radha is a phenomenal Joker. Each day has been so enriching filled with innumerable The fact that our group's play (Sangharsh) was chosen for the forum play, will always be my special Aha! Moment.  

I am going to take back TO techniques as they are practical pedagogical tools that can be integrated with any framework of teaching – learning process (school curriculum). 

After experiencing TO, I felt more connected to my body.  My thought and my body can sync better now.  I feel empowered. 

Image theatre in particular will help children substantially stimulate their critical thinking abilities and to respect different perspective through brainstorming.  

The 6 wonderful day of insight into myself and the world, life and things that make life more meaningful has brought a shift inside me. 

I loved the concept of nothing is right and nothing is wrong. 

I am taking back with me abundant happiness and HOPE!


I liked Imaging theatre, Rainbow of desire, Forum theatre. 
 and working with children in the community workshop. I deeply appreciated the way questions were facilitated which lead to discussion and interaction. 

The democracy given to the participates. 

The energy (positive) and to hold on to the space (step in step back). Well I have many Aha moments.  
1. The facilitation that I got to put my conflict as a play and seeing it with a different perspective.  This moment gave me an insight on being an oppress instead of an oppressed.  This has just opened my eye. 
2. When ‘Sangharsh’ forum was in process and performed some kind of liberation happened.  Doing the role again and again of an oppressor made me think and understand to also work on the oppressor to bring in the change.  
3. The whole experience to work with children, connecting with them, holding their trust and seeing TO work with them to look at the oppressed feeling coming to the surface and in action. 


The excellent understanding, vision and interaction by the facilitator. 

The bonding (immediate) of such a varied group. 

The realization that seemingly large issues of conflict for me - were resonating among so many others.  I was not alone.
Radha's deep understanding, knowledge and alertness; ability to relate to everyone so well; her unwavering ability to focus on issue without being judgemental critical biased, or ever suggestive of  possible solutions (of her own; her ability to push us to our limits (willingly by us) without really being an OPPRESSOR!
 were unique. I had many Aha! moments:

That our play LASAGNA was able to so clearly project the conflict of a working woman trying to balance her life. So many people felt the resonance with it, (including me!).  I was not alone.  

Some of the participants actually showed evidence of personal release from within in the pubic show which they had clearly been holding back. 

The moment that affected me the most was the realisation that I had found courage to speak up about my problems for ROD and everyone wanted to participate in  it.  

My situation, my grief, the depth of despair seemed to have come out in a way that cried for help and most of the others felt deeply about trying to work with it.  I felt very cared for, loved and recognized as a person.  Thereafter, as each spectator tried to play me in the situation, it allowed me to see different perspectives (on both sides) some I was aware of and some I hadn’t thought of till then.  


Reliving the experience / movement with participation; just sharing of real life narrative and trying to figure out meaning from it.I realised the coming out of hidden experience, unexpectedly with problem solving by being part of the experience. 

Getting answers to unanswered problem and findings effective mode to vent out feelings. If this was an unforgettable experience, it was entirely became of the Joker.  The Joker was fabulous in directing FTs.  It was a journey of self exploration.  I often do out of the box thinking and later realize whether it was right or wrong.  I am also a disability activist and often wonder whether my strategy to fight for reforms in correct or not.  I got the answer in carnival in the Rio where I realized that keep working towards your goal with conviction and passion. If you work with honesty and in silence, your success will create noise and people will join. 

I broke many personal patterns.  I have been avoiding a personal wish of my better half of thinking it to be a silly thing.  But I actually did it during the course of the Ws when I song for her and send her the recording.  It was a self realization.  

I stretched my limits during the WS being a persons with disability,  I could not do Glass Cobra earlier.  This time I was determined not only, completed blindfolded handshake but competed glass cobra.  It also defied bodily pain during FT and worked union with my team.  


The space to be playful and light hearted; the opportunity to work with other individual to discover new ways of connecting with each other and discovering oneself in the process and the opportunity to involve family were very special for me.


Lots of games and exercise which seem simple, bring out some profound discovering from within. They gives hope and courage that our world and society can use to bring about change. The debrief sessions are so revealing and profound and liberating.  I can endlessly listen to Radha's debrief.  Her capacity to see beyond obvious and bring it out in a manner which will be acceptable and very clear to whoever she was telling it to. 

Her love and acceptance for everyone. 

Her wisdom, experience and love of all comes across so powerfully that it makes it difficult not to admire her. Glass cobra was my Aha moment.  I had not realized that a caring touch and feeling of having a partner whom I know well, was so important to me.  I took lot of time in finding my partner and when I did find, it was so powerful, touching and I could not contain my happiness. 

There were many other moments when I felt like it was unique, it was liberating and deeply touching my core.