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MCPD Manipal - Medical Students

Date:                    27th.-29th. January 2012.
Participants:       Medical Students, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India
Facilitator:        Radha Ramaswamy
The workshop was new and  different, everyone came forth

I enjoyed the organization, the fun, working with the  facilitator Fainting game was the best

The atmosphere was calming, friendly group, exercises were thought provoking and fun. In the play I was struck by the fact that I was not acting but playing myself. Felt natural. I could relate to the the incidents.
Reni Pannicker

Fun, insightful, thought provoking People had similar issues, we bonded well
Mitha Naik

The atmosphere was comfortable, games first were weird by then later meaningful. 
Anklita Ramdas

I enjoyed the trust and confidence among members. The facilitator was awesome. When I performed in  front of 40 spectators, didn’t think it was possible. 
Ankur Akela

I felt I could share, met new people and saw a side that I may not have seen before carnival in rio when the whole group came together to chant very irritating noise, we were happy to do it

Assimilate things that are sugar coated better, fun. Forum was a wonderful experience . In no time we came up with plays. I can take spontaneous decisions evaluating all pros and cons
Shantanu Mall

I enjoyed the organization, facilitator,and the group of students
Janak Bahirwani

I like the openness, no one was forced. It was fun
Keya Chakraborti

Had a lot of fun, enjoyed sharing the experiences, liked acting on theatre. In image theatre when was modelled to propose to a girl that was a Aha moment for me.
Ronak Daglia

The timing, idea ,the games - I enjoyed. I liked the sharing and discussion bit and the bus forum
Dorina Roy

Interaction with unknown people, stage show, the games we played. During glass cobra I bumped into many people, I enjoyed the stage plays that we did.
Ustsav Deep

Made me more comfortable with myself. For the first time did not judge anyone. I enjoyed image theatre, glass cobra
Pragya Singh

Diversity, KMC students, sharing feelings it was interesting to see that a single word or stimulus could trigger a completely different reaction in different people.
Preeti Jolly

I liked the joker, the games, the questions raised. During the game of glass cobra I never expected all of us to come back in that circle, and when she asked us to open our eyes it was pretty amazing
Mohammad Khan

The games that have meaning, the experiences learnt knowing that answer is found within. Medical Humanities - lets actually discuss.
Anusha Gopal

I loved working as a team, the opportunity to explore ourselves and to put forward creativity; be frank as much as possible, silence is poison to me . Specially during my act, I played a role of father. Later during the play a spectator a 65 yr old lady came and replaced my daughrer and played well. Acting as a father of 65 yr old lady was a memorable event
Anurag Anand

Concentrated on issues we deal in our daily lives, helped me realise my abilities, made me more observant.I really enjoyed the bus forum. It was a situation in which any woman could be in. it has given me ideas which I could use if I was in the same situation 
Anjali Reddy

Enjoyed the Image theatre, Forum, Activities. For me, the Aha moment was the bus forum, I just loved it.
Adarsh Meher

It was unlike anyother communication skills development proigram I had ever attended. Felt strange and nice. It was more than just communications skills , it was about healing the self.
Gopika Menon

I had an awesome time playing the warm-up games, got to learn about many things which were right there in me and I didn’t even know about them. I discovered myself. Image theatre was really good. The jallainwallah Bagh massacre was modelled by me. I was so proud of myself that day! That was the Aha moment
Vartika Srivastava

Group size and dynamics were just right. It kept me (and everyone) very involvedand alert at all times as the games and activities were fun as opposed to sitting down and listening a lot. Even if you missed the point of the activity the debrief gave you clear understanding and also lets you see other dimensions of the activity.While playing colombian hypnosis, I recognised certain traits in me which I was not actively aware of even if subconsciously aware . A lot of the quiet introspective eyes closed exercises gave me a platform for me to think about certain things I usually shrug my shoulders to
Zeba Azad Moopen

The games, sitting and discussing stuff, to be ourselves our own images, cooperation of the group, all was fun
Sagar Rai

I was given the freedom and space to express myself. Fun experience. Formed new bonds.I loved the forum especially the bus forum. Also the group play made me feel better about the unresolved conflict I had had in school. Overal a great experience and hopefully some of the things I learnt here will help me in the future.
Pooja Kamath

I loved how everyone was so accepting and open. The warmup games were extremely enjoyable. I got to interact with people I wouldn’t normally do so when I found my partner during the glass cobra exercise I felt a huge rush of joy. It was so irrational if I think about it now.
Abhinav Menon

Entertaining, Different experiences, Challenging 
An Aha moment was when I found my partner in the glass cobra, the belief and the happiness that I experienced cannot be put into words. Probably because I was the last person to find my partner. Also, I realised the importance of other sense organs specially when the eyes are closed.
Vidushi Kapil

I enjoyed the play part, image theatre, warm up games
Avinash Kumar

To talk about things which bother me. Listening to different people's opinions. Got to do some acting. Bus forum was awesome. To try out something that i'd never do in real life.
Akshita Kumar

Warm up exercises, plays were great. Made new friends. The aha moment was during forum when mr Anurag acted as dad
Krishna Sirvi

Fun games, forum, Imagery carnival in rio- beautiful game; the mesmerizing sounds. Colombian hypnosis- Amazing game, so much so that I went back to the hostel and played around with my friends!! Please come back with many more workshops ma'am.
Venkate Veer