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Medical Humanities Cell - GS Medical College

Date:                    24th. and 25th. December 2011.
Participants:       Medical students, faculty, doctors, Psychologists,  
                        Community Medical Workers-Mumbai, India
Facilitator:        Radha Ramaswamy

Increased awareness about the oppressors and oppressed in society: RK Anand, Pediatrician.

With the last exercise, I realized that there are so many unresolved issues lying deep within me which I have forgotten about, and when I closed my eyes thinking about few of those issues I somehow realized that there is no point keeping those past issues in the back of mind and hurting myself, but just get some closure over  them!!:-) :  Noopur Patil , Undergraduate Medical Student.
There was no ‘message’ being forced or imposed on the group. The exercises were physical, yet within the range and capacity of a wide age-group with no experience of drama/theatre. Aha Moment- definitely Glass Cobra. Because of the rich silence and deep emotions that it generated:  
Neha Madhiwala, Medical Ethics Expert

One gets a chance to explore one's feelings/experiences: Annonymous.

Glass cobra- really amazing experience to find partner by touch: Maruti Kore, Postgraduate Medical Student.

A few places were too sensitive and vivid; but very enlightening at the same time. Eg glass cobra and image gallery: 
Padmaja Samant­­­­, Assoc,. Prof. Obstetrics and Gynecology

Never had such a beautiful experience.Just got relaxed by learning for the first time in my life: 
Rima Sahay, Preventive and Social Medicine.

A debriefing session about Cop in the Head, when I recognized an old childhood devil in my mind- need to find out the way to take it out now. The moment after opening the eyes in Glass Cobra was really eye opening in many senses. When first year medical student played the role of a Registrar and when the play was taken up for a Forum I realized what magic TO would do regarding the issues in medical humanities: 
Harshwardhan Shortri , Interventional Radiologist

Forum exercises brought out actor/actress from all participants evry effectively: 
Lopa Mehta, Anatomist.

I felt accepted as I am: 
Urmila Sawant, Clinical Psychologist.
That I could be less stubborn and see a situation from the other person's point of view: 
Rashika Garg, Medical Student.
In the formation of image of conflict, I relived the moment thru my body and upon completion of that, felt so very light and liberated. In Blind Exercises, was able to overcome discomfort of claustrophobia with closed eyes, and it was reassuring to confirm my belief that I will be always guided to the right place/person and I need not worry about it: 
Snehal Sriram, Cosmetologist.
For me the Aha Moment was Forum Theatre- where ‘solutions’ were not given but various strategies were explored and co-created by the spect-actors: 
Jaya Nuty, Community Health worker.
The glass cobra was very touching… that experience can’t be spoken in words. 
Umesh Singh, Pediatrician.

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