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MEDICON - Medical Students' Conference

Date:                     11th. April 2013
Participants:        Delegates - MEDICON - Medicla Students Conference, New Delhi
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy
It was a different experience. Relaxing yourself facing different situations, exploring yourself learning when you have a support how strong you feel. Learned about Maintaining equanimity  stressful situation in works.

Ashish Pondhir

We can have fun with people we don’t know; because at some level we are all connected Words are not required to communicate Everything is right & everything is wrong – Perception. We can find happiness in light things in life.  
Be more respectful to the people I don’t even know. Agree to disagree.

Sakshi Anand

I know now it’s not easy to be in others shoes. I learnt to listen.

Khan Bilal Mohammed Khan 

Previously I used to think whenever I wanted to help / ask for help I used to think I was invading theirs personal space, but now I feel that every one wishes to have inter-personal relationship.

Yeshwanth Sonnathi

I have gained a lot of confidence in myself. I know now that people do not always think bad or good of you. Its us who should chose to see the good in others.

Ahamad Jibram Javed

I had a chance to interact with strangers today. Nice platform to start a conversation. The games; so simple, yet inspiring. Not even a single second was boring, had fun till the last minute.
This workshop has inspired me to take into consideration everyone's views, how to handle a situation & how to be a good leader. This has also taught me to find happiness in small things.

S.Alekya Reddy

The perception regarding attitude towards myself has changed. I have realized that each person is important in every other way, & is a link to complete a chain.

Paulomi. M.Dave

Having fun with people I met for first time. Learning to listen. Being heard and accepted. It has helped me appreciate to everyone has an individual opinion, and as for as they are concerned, the opinion is justified. So it has helped me plan any future ideas that I'll like to carry out; how to listen; accept them.

Namratha S

One thing I learn is other's perception is different than ours and we reed to respect that.

Regina Rachel Khakha

Will help me improve inter personal relationships and  communication.

Roshan Christina J.

Helped me to realize that I am powerful and can address many situations. It was a fun way of learning about your thoughts. Helps you to enjoy with people you don't know. Thought me that there is communication & coordination in silence too.

Amsita Talwar

The emphasis on "doing '' more than "teaching " 2) the active participation of the organizers 3) the number of people was just right. It has helped me break notions that I had created about myself & my image perception in others eyes …. it was truly self-absolving.

Devyani Thakur