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Mount Carmel College

Date:                     July, August 2011.
Participants:     Credit Course Students, Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru
Facilitators:       Radha Ramaswamy

“ What I liked throughout the course was you made us “hear” many times…you don’t need your eyes for hearing.When we closed our eyes, I personally felt so relieved…”

“ Glass Cobra…I never thought we will be back in the circle again.Before finding my partner I was eager to open my eyes but once I found her I was relaxed and felt happy.”Shruthi

“The Aha moment was the Cop in the Head. Where I told the moment where I thought I should have gone ahead and brought about the change. Now if I see an oppressed one I will try to bring the change in some one’s life.” Suffiya

“ I personally had very bad experiences travelling by public bus but never spoke out …I used to just walk away and ignore such things. But in this forum I got a chance to experiment the various strategies which I could have done…It was amazing to see so many girls coming out with different ideas.” Deepika

“ when I entered the class the first day I was a different person like not speaking much, more shy, but today … I am totally changed…I really wanted to be like this.”  “ the day when we played …Big Wind Blows… for the first time I was so freely running everywhere, speaking and laughing with everybody.” Poornima

“ the final seconds of the game carnival in Rio…when everyone around me quickly took up my group’s sound and movement, almost instantaneously, it made me feel good, special almost, as if I’ve accomplished something great.” Nitya

“ this has transformed my life because I am a person who can’t speak in front of crowd and this course ahs helped me in a way to come out of my fear.I personally liked image making and it was a bit challenging for me…this experience will remain with me forever.” Navitha

“ an overwhelming experience…Most of the activities helped me in knowing people better… a source of education and experience.Forum and Cop in the Head gave me exposure to various problems.” Monica

“the bus forum…made me think a lot…it made me come up and also be a part of the forum.” Anjita

“ the workshop was of GREAT HELP, to me because in one way or the other we all are oppressed at some point of time in our life. And ‘women’ are the usual targets.” Kubra Fathima

“ the images we performed as a group/individuals …very powerful...images also help in understanding the way we assume things.” Janet

“ that [bus] forum is still in my eyes…every time I step into a bus…made me to realize that every problem has a solution. And oppressed people can come out of the problems they are facing.” Saranya