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MSc Clinical Psychology Course, Christ University

Date:                    23rd. November 2012.
Participants:        Students of the MSc Clinical Psychoogy Course,  
                            Christ University, Bengaluru
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy

1.      For me, this was a very empowering experience. I am at present going through a struggle, this made me realize that I should stop just laying back but fight my way through. I even had a very emotional experience while doing one particular activity. I am a very shy person but this was the first time I was not scared and enjoyed the program. I would love to join another such program.


2.      I personally enjoyed this workshop. I learnt that I have complete freedom to either obey the authority or to fight against it. I also realized the power of touch.


3.      I was actually not planning to come today. Was a wonderful experience and would have mussed such a fun workshop if I hadn't come. I am planning to keep in mind the activities we did today hoping that it would help me some day. 

Varghese Mathew

Theatre is cathartic!


Things work out very smoothly and friction free without language. It’s not about power. It’s about the task.

Shweta NK

I learnt that I can communicate better without word and with just actions

John Prem

Having a dependable partner in this big world is like a dream come true! 


A ‘we’ is formed with ‘all’ and not ‘I’, it takes time and effort from everyone until they truly become one.

Srishti Shah

The experience is pretty enriching. It was nice to gel as a group and learn a lot on group dynamics. Although we have been together for 5 months now, I feel our class members got more closer to each other through these activities. Looking forward to many more such workshops.

Harshita N

I learnt to spend some amount of  my time in silence closing my eyes and just be calm. 

Shwetha Maria

I felt like a workshop on theatre is not going to be of much use…but at the end of it I was able to draw a connection between psychology and theatre. Hard work and a bit of thinking can break open any lock is what I learnt.But the glass cobra game made me feel a bit disappointed because I wasn't able to find my partner.   

Divya Sundaram

I was amazed to see that at some situations it is so difficult to lead someone at the same time I enjoy following blindly. I just enjoyed to see that how much I love going anywhere blindly and also how powerful is human touch.


I felt like I achieved something when I found my partner in the exercise with eyes closed


I learned that it’s okay to let go sometimes in a crowded place.

Uttara Menon 

This workshop made me realize that ‘we’ as a class can actually work together!! I hadn't seen such dynamics within the class before. Also, walking with my eyes closed makes me happy, unattached yet one with the world.


I was apprehensive about the workshop but the activities were so much fun. I felt very connected with my class and enjoyed every bit of my time at this workshop. Thank you. :-)


The last activity [GC] was something I enjoyed felt like I was in a different place with many people yet alone looking for one I waited to reach to.

Sonam Singh

It was really a nice experience. Much much better than I expected- really loved it I thought its gonna be boring. But it was really interesting and we all had lots of fun.


I enjoyed the hypnosis activity, as well as the forum with “spectactors”. I am not able to clearly state exactly what I gained, but the experience of the entire workshop was profound. Thank you.


When I was in school, I was always active in extracurricular activities, but it took a toll on my academics. After 10th, I stopped participating, now I have completed 7 years of academics after 10th and still, not great in academics. Today, I realized, extracurricular activities is something I always liked participating, and without it, I kind of am lost and unhappy.

Nithi Sharma

A realization (again) that human beings in general like being linked together and not taking the role of oppressor or follower, but being equal.


No matter where you go, no matter wherever you are in this world, you are never alone. You will always find people around you, you will always find people to care for you, touch you and be a part of your life. So what if it is a stranger, make each person your ‘own’.( emphasis in original).

Madhumati Mazumdar

I think I can express myself better

Asly Mariya Abraham

Entertained and nice. New experience of communication without language.

Chetraj Gurung

Saw the first step (imaginary) to open myself more


The last activity, glass cobra, was quite interesting. I realized for the first time the power of touch.

Carolin Ann Jose

All the activities gave me the insight that- ‘We have more than we think we possess’


The experience of walking alone- made me realize how stupid I was that I was scared of being alone. It is so beautiful! :-) Thank you.

Sumedha Sharama 

I can go a little more beyond what I think I can. The need for a push is always there. No one can do it better than one’s own self. Be confident and you can do it. Just let yourself free.


Very enriching. I explored another side of myself and I am very happy about it. There are lot of ways by which you can understand yourself and another person.


It was a very nice experience one thing that changed every thing in my head is the power of touch, I just now know how much touch counts for me and my partner and how the distance(geographical) is the hindrance. I was actually searching for him when I was in the game. Also projections were an important part of all the games and definitely I would use it in therapy with clients.


I think I’m better with sharing my personal space now. I also learnt that I wd be interested in attending more theatre workshops in the future. I think I like being challenged.Appreciate the time and the work you put in.


I need to let go and be less conscious of myself in order to live every moment of my life and enhance understanding of myself as a person. Thank you!

Swati Bansal

The whole idea of closing your eyes and trying to find one’s partner was a different experience where I got to explore or free myself of my inhibitions and just rely on whatever comes in my part and figure out if I’m in the right path or not.


While performing the Col Hypnosis Forum, Divya fought me. I realized that if I continued to try and oppress her with my hand I would have only one hand to fight her with, and I would lose. I realize that no matter how much power it seems the oppressor has ( and I’m thinking of even an unpleasant state of mind as oppressor) if you fought them/it, you fight as equals.They have to lay aside the oppression and fight you on an equal plane. And get enough people to do this, the plane becomes unequal in our favour. ( and I would very much like to keep in touch, maybe work with you and your organization)

Radhika Chandrasekarn