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Date:                     26,27,29,31 December 2012.
Participants:        Pre Primary tecahers, Muktangan School, Mumbai
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy
I have never seen such a workshop in my life. In this Workshop everyone shared their personal feelings. This made me feel good since pain of so many years was hidden inside me. In this Workshop, I could explain this via role play.

Ratan Halwai

What I liked most about this Workshop, was sharing my feelings with others persons. 

Janhavi Mestry

I liked Image Gallery, Glass Cobra,  Creating scenes based on images. Columbian Hypnosis may have triggered a Aha moment for me. It challenges to solve the problem of the 'hand' being placed I front of you.

Roopa Chitakindi

This workshop gave us a chance to think about our self  I learned how to solve my own problems. 

Pallavi Kokkula

I recognised myself. This I liked most. I spent time on myself. I felt free after the Workshop. I learnt to how to keep silent and expresses with images of the body.

Kavita Vanga

In Columbian Hypnosis, I played the 'Hitler".I felt very good and strong that no body can oppose me now.

Urmila Sonnar

In this workshop, for the first time, I learnt about myself. I learnt how to use different strategies to solve our problems. 

Priti Ghurup

This workshop was very different from what I thought it would be. I enjoyed facing 'Hitler' with Confidence in Columbian Hypnosis. I could expressed all my feelings through the games.

Urmila Sonnar

The workshop experience is connected to our lives. It was an excellent experience.

Suman Sonkar

Warm ups helped to change the feelings inside you. Image theatre was useful to show one's own feelings in images. In Forum theatre  the play chosen potryed a problem I face. The facilitator took explored that seriously and I found my way (solution).

Seema Ghorpade

I like not one thing but all things about the Workshop! 

Trupti Thorbale

I learned how to handle a given situation, This knowledge will be useful in my future life.

Poonam Kumbhar

I like the way the games were linked to real life experiences. The Workshop was innovative and gave ideas for looking at situations in different ways. Images talk a lot!

Jesal Gandhi

Do not live like puppets. Think how a problem can be solved. 

Rekha Dubal

While 'role-playing" I learned a woman can stand on her own legs and can take care of herself.

Vandana Kamble

I liked all the games and how everyone shared their experience. I can now express my feelings through images.

Chandrakala Gali

I like the games as they were linked to my personal life; gave many answers.

Smita Kondamadugu