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Portland, Oregon

This is the Feedback from a three-hour Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop conducted by 
Radha Ramaswamy for a group of Americans from varied backgrounds from the Portland Community, Oregon. USA.

Date :  June 21, 2013
Place : Portland, Oregon, USA.

I give story telling workshops and I would love to bring in some of the TO games we played into my work. There were so many different types of learnings tools/games that it felt everyone had a chance to participate and try something new.

A good way to approach communication in various aspects & setting of my personal&professional life.  Unique, Interesting, Fun, Interactive & impactful workshop.

I teach Improv as life skills. Love the image work, and will be able to use that. The “walking about” and “Sound Transformation” is slightly different than what I use now & I will incorporate them. I liked the facilitator’s very clear  instructions, questioning attitude, nonjudgmental ,  generous & warm.

Forum theater: it is a good reminder to think of the multiple ways in which we can help ourselves, not being bound by oppression. Image Theatre gave an opportunity for introspection in moments of quiet.Enjoyed the interactive and investigative nature of forum theatre.

I have renewed inspiration around the value of TO in my work as a caring partnership practitioner. I am eager to incorporate more TO with the other pillars of partnership practice ( original Play, Non-Violent Communication and Unconditionality)  It was so nice to be in the relaxed role of ‘participant ‘- a gift really. I appreciate being able to play with the focus on doing rather than ‘talking about doing’. 

It brought about personal awareness. The facilitator made participants comfortable, feel safe, had a sense of humour, expertise and sharing good information. The co-participants were great!

I felt I learned a lot about myself, but also activities and intentions I can bring to to my students. I liked how it was structured, yet flexible. Radha is very calming and clear.

We do work with teachers to have them practice interrupting racist scenarios. We can use some of the forum format to do this. Also when I work with schools in conflict, we can use some of the image work to help get at root of conflict. The facilitator has a lot of experience and knowledge to share, very grounded spirit which shows the true benefit of doing this work for a long time.

I loved new ways of doing this work - very quick images.  I loved the Forum piece "The Race" and will definitely use this in my work.I liked the focus on “this is how it is now, today, at this moment.”  I loved the Forum, I think it really pulled it all together.

The workshop increased my personal “edges” and my ease- tension in relating to other people. Created  a bit more mental flexibility on intellectial/emotional/political levels.The facilitator kept things moving yet "waited" for participants to finish their piece.  I liked the multiple interrelated exercises.

I allowed myself to try something different, gave myself permission to have fun, play. Integrating into myself.  Authenticity, Safety. A great group of people. I had fun!