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Regional Institute of English South India Teacher Trainees

Date:                     24th. September 2012.
Participants:        Teacher trainees, Regional Institue of English, South India, Bengaluru
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy
You made us to think. The prevailing situation or the complete scenario  we face today came into focus before us. It helps me to break down the hurdles or discrimination to the extent I can.
Brindha RN

I liked the warm up games and Colombian hypnosis. Silence speaks more than words. Change of work is a rest. Here, this change of program brings a lot of changes. I feel relaxed and I have to be  flexible. I do not always want to be strict I was before with students.
S. Selvi

It was a nice experience.  I like  the dedication and the commitment to bring change to the society.
Joel Sam NS

Through this workshop I was be able to mingle with the other members easily. It develops our communication and development skills.
F John Bosco

The workshop allowed us to reflect, share ideas, relate to personal life. Helped us to at problem solving - using both  head and heart

The workshops talks about the  real meaning of education. It will enable us to to help students in real need.

It made me think out of the box; I  will try to  educate people about the rat-race in education  and encourage people to break brriers.
Sumathi N

Image work for  poetry makes it easy  to understand and will
help children to solve poblems.
Suresh Dev

The workshop was experimental, inovative  and will encourage me to adopt  innovation in teaching.

I was able to participate fully  with an opportunity to involve both physically and mentally.  It will help me to have a fresh thinking about the educational set up and I have to change myself accordingly.
A John Paul

The warm up activities and the image theatre were the ones I liked most. They  helped me to analyze my own personality and had a very healing effect on me.

The games and exercises will help children to solve problems
Suresh Dev

I liked the warm up games and Colombian hypnosis game. Given these kind of activities students can be very active.
P. Rajkumari

Theatre is not to act, but to participate, involve,learn,and enjoy. The workshop helped break patterns and  built self confidence. It will help students to concentrate.

There was novelty in the workshop. In teaching and learning situations the image theatre will be helpful.
Prameela T

Using drama is useful for the language teacher.
Anish Raveendran

Image Theatre can be used  to teach poems and prose. Forum theatre can be used to create awareness of social issues.

The games and exercises can be used in class to make students THINK