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Sahabhaga Festival of Participatory Performance

Date:                     2nd. December 2012.
Participants:        Open Workshop, Sahabhaga Festival, Bangalore
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy

I  enjoyed being with one’s own self, recognizing one’s response to any feeling and situation;  trying to find a way on a blind road. .. so related to my own experience at my workplace.


The workshop activities taught me to to balance my emotions. 


Glass Cobra and the way it was explained, with space for consideration with those who are not used to touching – they were given space as well as helped to natuarlizing it!
Space for debate- attention to everyone and trying to democratize the world - so everyone would have chance to speak.  No judgement and no straight directions. There was tenderness and closeness.  

Really saw the power of IMAGE vs talk  


I liked the methodology and pace of the Workshop. The sound and rhythm exercise helped me to recognise one of my personality/behavior traits. The Glass cobra was an emotional  experience. 

I appreciated your facilitation, especially the calm pace of process.


The Glass Cobra exercise was awesome 


The workshop was an eye opener and a way to converse with one self and others. 


It was great being reminded and rejuvenated about the power of Boal.  


I learnt about solutions to problems bothering me in my personal life and how to come out with personal issues. 


There was very good flow from one activity to next which made the workshop feel like a continuous process of self discovery rather than a rigid lesson plan being "taught" to group. 


I liked Columbian hypnosis exploring  different strategies of empowerment. Image theatre used body as a form of story telling that heals/addresses a personal issue. Image theater helped me find peace with a burning issue because  I was able to see a process unfold right before my eyes. This process became a powerful vision in how to address this issue with trust and love.


The experience of being in ‘the moment’ in glass cobra. .. If a team is passionate about their beliefs they could bring about change.