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SevenHills Hospital, Mumbai

Date : November 3, 2012
Time: 9.00 AM - 4.00 PM
Place: SevenHills Hospital, Mumbai.

All learnings come out of your personal reactions and  we know what is wrong and by
and are taking it, don't realize it.But, by playing situation based games, I can recognise the situation, and can react to it with a solution that will probably work and change the situation. The facilitator makes all feel comfortable, has good communication techniques and is understanding. She gives everyone equal chance, is confident and knowledgeable. I enjoyed image molding the most


The content of workshop and its organisation was good. They were thought provoking sessions -relating to day to day experiences. These in  in game form were relaxing. I appreciated the facilitators knowledge  teaching style and her openness to ideas and 


I enjoyed Colombian hypnosis with Forum and the image of using power and Glass Cobra. This was diff rent from other workshops - expressed not in words but only in experience.


I liked Forum and team building exercises.The ideas were different and gives greater understanding as to how each patient I deal with has a different psyche. The Facilitator was patient,motivating,well spoken and meticulous. The Bus Forum made me realise the 
different ways my fellow gender friends respond to an uncomfortable situation..I realised in the situations I confront,I will not take anything lying down.


The workshop experience will help real life. I like the Facilitators way of teaching and feel the workshop is good for a community.I got self confidence and have learnt 
some relaxation techniques.


I like the various interactive game with breaks at appropriate times. The facilitator is  systematic. She has great presentation skilla,is knowledgeable and kn, explains details well.


It was a time for relaxation, to feel free, and to have a  day for myself,  It will help me to face extreme situations. I like the way Madam communicated; her communication style and freedom to everyone. 


These are new ideas,there was  freshness in mind and in short time learned to see many ideas and face problems. I'm staff nurse, learned how to understand situation and solve problems.


The workshop helps us to think differently and react as was seen in the Bus forum. The facilitator is good speaker,listens and does not force her opinions.


The workshop improved my thinking ability and confidence. It helped to view life positively. I can implement it in my personal and professional life.The facilitator is a good communicator, good  body language and teaching skills. She has  clear simple speech

Sneha Thomas

I could shed my inhibitions,appreciate differences and I realised how mundane actions have deep meanings. As a professional will help me look at actions of colleagues better.