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Shishuvan School

Date:                    18, 19 and 21,21  June 2012 
Participants:       Teachers of Shishuvan School, Kings Circle, Mumbai.
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy
In forum I enjoyed sharing and listening to others' experience. It developed courage for me to face audience and enjoy. A lot of thought process involved. The most important thing I learnt is respect our own self.

Payal Ajani

Every game was an aha moment for me. But images created to show educational problems specially touched me since it made me realize that being happy is in our hand with a few positive changes.

Meenal Haria

Please have an extension of this workshop in 6 months for the same group

Neha Lonari

The best moment was image building as I am not a sculptor, nor an artist and didn’t know I would have the capability of image building. Moreover the forum workshop that we did was awesome.

Farhin Khan

The forum plays have triggered a strong hope to fight and find out strategies for my life whenever I would feel helpless.

Hetal Mehta

I was shocked when I was portrayed as a child committing suicide. Just couldn't stand it.

Dewangi Gala

Had almost 7 years of experimental theatre experience which I had forgotten, this workshop triggered my instinct.

Sneha Sawant

The forum play on child abuse  where the child played by kavitha gave me jitters, I actually realised what a child who is abused must be feeling
The forum theatre -some acts sitrred a chord inside me. 

Aura Aaron

I felt confident that I could do many things in my life.

Vimi Bhasin

I already knew that the sense of touch is very powerful, but I actually realised it during the glass cobra game. The image change on the 1st day really think about life that how fast it changes and has many happy and sad moments in it.

Sunil Dammewal

I discovered how I was oppressed. I was able to connect to a lot of situations and got various perspectives for me to think about.


A forum play where I acted as an oppressed person.

Sapna Bhatia

In this workshop I learnt a lot of things which can be used In  the class. The rules of the game were very clear and in liked the way the games were played.
Aarti Sigh

I loved the carnival in rio exercise. I am generally reserved when it comes to dancing. But when I was doing this activity, I just lost myself entirely. I was myself at that moment. The child in me reborn.

Shweta Mahadevan

A lot of things can be accomlished in silence.

Shena V

Focus on individual feelings. Forum can be used in class.When the skit on exploitation of the traditional notion of expecting the daughter-in-law to do the household work triggered the notion that what if the conflict was within ourselves and there was no oppressor.
Fatema Kanchwala 

The glass cobra felt like an Aha moment for me. Felt I could do things independentlyeven if im unsure about myself( eyes closed).

Mini Paniker

I would like to know about the helpline numbers and services available for women's safety. I will then share it with my students and friends as most of the time we are clueless about our rights and help offered by government. This happened due to the bus forum game which made me pause and think " if this was a real situation, what would i have done?"

Salila R

In the glass cobra I was the first one to find my partner with my eyes closed. Plan to play this with my kids in class.
Vimala Subramanian

Helped me realize that different people perceive one single event/oblect very differently. Creativity is alive in us. It only needs someone to kindle.

Prachi Ranadivs

The glass cobra when my partner put her hand on my bshoulder felt deja-vu. Some sort of connection of past life, bond
Harshini Contractor

General Comments during debriefing:

I have new hope; realise there can be diff. solutions and ways to a problem.

I was skeptical, felt tired after the day but once here I felt drawn.

Image building exercise was very powerful.. it was a living example.

We need one more week; felt totally destressed.

It was not a "Boring" workshop or not even a single boring moment. 

We came to know each other, touched each other.

The agreements were very powerful and i realised the importance of each.

Never attended a workshop like this before.

Developed strong group bonding.

See you again!

Everything worked for me.

Power in verbal communication.

I realized I need to reflect on myself before I worked on others.

It touched everybody. You have a workshop like this again, you will have 100% attendance.

It helped me fit in, no tension on coming to work on Monday