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SIES High School

Date:             16,17 and 19,20 June 2011.
Participants:  Teachers, SIES High School, Mumbai
Facilitators:    Radha Ramaswamy, Ramaswamy PS

“full of opportunities to express one’s feelings” Teacher, SIES High School

“ a very different experience…enjoyed throughout…” Jebin Shantha Mary ,Teacher, SIES High School

“ a platform to explore ourselves” Harpreet Kaur Teacher SIES High School

“…amazing that we all could learn so spontaneously to enact various characters. It also helped in strengthening the bond between colleagues and instilled great confidence within me.” Sera Mascarenhas, Teacher, SIES High School

“ I enjoyed the sense of freedom…” Teacher, SIES High School

“ ..gave me an opportunity to know each and evey one in a different way” Teacher, SIES High School

What I disliked : “ to recall the conflict, which made me upset ( for a very long time)…  Soudamini Mohanan, Teacher SIES High School

“… a memorable experience…” Laxmi Krishnan, Teacher SIES High School

“… helped me come out of the routine life style…Image Gallery made me rethink the whole situation…innovative ideas to change tiresome situations…”Sushila Bobade, Tecaher, SIES High School

“ very different from workshops so far… can help to build self esteem… also develop teaching skills.”Prakash Pawar, Teacher, SIES High School

“helped to look within. Really wonderful for my teaching profession. Also useful for me as language trainer.”Sunil Aher, Teacher, SIES High School

“ children will enjoy these games”Sulochana Joshi

“ can make teaching/learning more interesting. Highlight[ing] social issues through drama was excellent.Habit reformation in pupils can be done by Forum , like replacing characters etc.”Reeja Jison

Such workshops must be conducted every year
“ we forgot our problems, tensions and played as if we were children” Maria Fancia

“ an opportunity for every individual bring out the artist in himself… will definitely help build self confidence. Will enhance concentration in students”Shubhangi Phadke

“ the group discussion after every game gives new ideas of different people which I can’t think” Savina Sauda