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SIES School Primary teachers

Date:                    18th. August 2012.
Participants:        Primary Teachers of SIES High School, Kings Circle, Mumbai.
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy

Overall my workshop experience was excellent. The facilitator made everybody involve herself in the activities and clear instructions preceded by good introduction were given. This workshop will be useful in my personal and professional life.


The workshop was interactive with a lot of encouragement and respect to all participants.Overall ,my workshop experience was excellent.


I liked the workshop immensely. An unforgettable experience was the last game [Glass Cobra]. We are all on a quest, and we don’t always find what we seek. When we do find it, the experience cannot be described in words. It’s a miracle. 

The facilitator’s  tone and manner of interaction and ability to establish close rapport with everyone was remarkable. Overall it was an excellent experience for me. We should have such workshops repeated periodically.

Anuradha Dixit

The workshop was very interesting. We all felt relaxed and forgot our worries and tensions and were free to express and work in the sessions. The facilitator was very energetic and encouraging. It was an excellent experience for me.

Pratima Sonawane

It was a tension free atmosphere with all people participating. The facilitator has a very friendly nature and we had an excellent time.

Sreedevi P

The workshop is interesting enjoyable and relaxing. The facilitator was excellent. She was very convincing, confident and approachable.

Vanita Raja

We enjoyed the new type of games and exercises. The facilitator was excellent with an easy and respectful approach with more activities and less theory in the workshop. I enjoyed most of the games played. My workshop experience was excellent.

Kavita Vijayan

As a teacher, we are always under different pressures but because of the workshop we were all tension free. Enjoyed every moment and very happy to see the other people enjoying too.

Usha Sakte

A feeling of oneness was found in everybody. I liked the blindfold games. The facilitator was very polite and humble and arranged everything systematically. The workshop was relaxing for the body and the mind. Overall it was an excellent experience.

Anita RK

The experience was lively. We shed our inhibitions. We need to have these workshops for one more day. The facilitator was excellent and got everybody on their toes.

Jaya Sridhar

The workshop was activity-based, entertaining and joyful. The facilitator explained all the principles in a simple way. We should have these workshops at least once every year.

Sunanda Ravi

During the workshop , we were free from worries. We could maintain easy friendships and there  was opportunity to express oneself. One more such session should be conducted.

Ponrani Joseph

The workshop was activity-based and everyone participated. It'll be useful in one's personal life


I enjoyed Glass Cobra and image theatre.Overall it was an excellent workshop and extremely enjoyable.


It was an activity-based workshop and a full day of enjoyment. I liked the Glass Cobra game best. Here I experienced feelings that I've never experienced before. The facilitator has a friendly nature and I like the way she gave clear instructions.


The facilitator gave clear instructions in simple language. The workshop was lively, educational and blended with activity. I acquired many new ideas regarding oppressor and oppressed. The activities were performed spontaneously.I wish the workshop could be of a longer duration. The facilitator was confident and accommodative. She's very caring and encouraging. I liked the workshop very much and look forward to more such workshops.

Shankar Rao