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Six Day Training June 2016 - Feedback

Six Day training
June 7-12,  2016 - Bangalore
Facilitators : Radha Ramaswamy, Ravi Ramaswamy

...... Talking to two girls who were at the forum plays and listening to them talk about actively stepping up and changing situations.

---Anna Parsons

 I felt very respected and safe. Completely non judgemental – even with opinions or perspectives that sided with the oppressor....created an open environment .... how dialogue can be opened with persons who have these opinions.


...... No doubt this will be invaluable for my current work, future work and also my personal growth. Constantly questioning my role to play in life.


... a platform for equals ..... space for all .... things can change..... silence is powerful

---Usha Acharya

 Thank you for helping me connect with the child within me

---Lindo Cherian

A good balance between theory and practice.... real change, real empowerment, real growth. 

---Harsha Sodha

I think the games and exercises were chosen and conducted so as to help build a sense of community within the group, as well as give us space for us to question, comprehend and grow as individuals. It was this balance that i found particularly appealing.   

---Meghana Chandra

Feeling really alive!! As a person I hold myself back a lot especially in a workshop, but this workshop helped me get over that discomfort a bit.

---Poorvi Sardar

I was able to feel my inner voices very deeply.... When i completed the first scene of The Unsavoured Tiramissu, and my heart was in my mouth when the first Spectactor said 'Stop' Felt amazing to have started 'something' inside an audience member. Just 'one' was all.

---Shivani Mathur Gaiha

It has given me a new language to communicate in. And Hope.   

---Neha Lehl

Experienced what "different perspectives" actually means.   

---Shreshtha Das

Everything was calibrated to create a close, trusting, supportive community .I feel reinvigorated to go back and continue teaching, and that is because i have spent the past week watching two instinctively adept teachers.    

---Curran Russell 

Participating in this workshop has helped me renew my commitment to building caring, trusting, and non-exploitative relationships with the people i encounter, and to encourage others to do the same.  

---Shashank Kumar