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Thamarai International School, Thanjavur

Date:                     25, 26 October 2012.
Participants:        Teachers, Thamari International School, 
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy

I feel I need to change for myself. I now feel more interested in job and family. This workshop will help me come out of all the stress I am facing. The facilitator was very energetic, and kept us all  engaged throughout. During the 'cover the sapce' exercise,  I was asked to walk in open space without eye contact with anyone. I felt I am spending no time to think about myself. Silence is a an body language that speaks a lot. This was an Aha moment for me.

Jayasri N.

Explored many new facets of my personality that I now wish to  develop and be a better person - eg. Listening. The facilitator was confident, calm, helped others to develop their own thoughts. Iwas not aware that I can act, so when I acted as a dead person it was a wow! moment for me.

Barsha Chakraborty.

There were no lengthy lectures or writing, We had fun filled games loads of experience to learn a lot. We learnt the effective use of body and senses in activities - this we normally do not make use of. I learnt to express myself boldly and experiment. I would hesitate to do this normally. . This workshop will help me personally and professionally. I experience the power of being united and accepting others' views too. The facilittaor gave individual attention, she is a good listener, respects others and is efficient in conveying ideas though ideal games and activities. 

Kavitha Balamurugan

The day was full filled with opportunities for  individual performance though I am in a group. I have  overcome my shyness. I have learnt how to make my students energetic in class. Really enjoyed a lot. Felt completely recharged. Felt happy each and every moment.

Priya R.

I liked energetic activities. Left my shyness. Enjoyed myself with my friends.  Each game was thrilling and had some surprises. I will do some of these activities in my classroom. The facilitator is a most energetic person. Does her work in very interesting way. Excellent.


I was "what I am".  Felt very light and energetic. Definitely there was a motive and learning in every game. It is up to us to know where to use and how in family or work life. The facilitator has a very cool and charming personality. Each game as a Aha moment because each explored our individuality. Looking forward once again.

Praveena S.

There was involvement of both the participants and the facilitator. There was  time to think and share; to explore ourselves and our ideas.I learnt  how to overcome problematic situations through different strategies. The facilitator was very  energetic, smart with clear cut ideas. While playing Glass Cobra, it was really interesting. I wondered about power of touch. Really excellent.

Shiny Jennifer N.

Lot of fun filled activities with relation to our life. I liked the way I talked about my own experience and not of  the group. Image theatre will be especially useful to us teachers to understand our students. The facilitator's way of  explaining activity was short and and not boring. I learnt how to act upto those who dominate us badly. I learnt that I should react only after seeing the attitude of the dominating person.

Sahana Rajkumar

I loved the activities and games and the use of theatre techniques. I looked at application in teaching strategies in class room and correlated all activities with class room situations. When we have children with individual needs and will surely apply these in the class room. The facilitator is someone I would someone I would like to idolise and follow. Ma'am, please do visit us again and help to re energiee ourselves and enlighten us with a few of our dormant  powers.

Swati Saxena

We have a full time of  time activity and learnt some new strategies in each. The workshop focuses on  individuals. Really different from any other WS I have attended. Learnt how to make students energetic and active. Learnt different  strategies to handle students and others. The facilitator was  energetic, easily approachable and a  good communicator.

Indumathi C.

I realised that as a teacher I should enjoy my class make the class live...introduces some games during teaching and make children enjoy. I have learnt a few techniques that I can teach children that will be useful in their life. I like Colombian hypnosis with Forum the most. Helped think out of the box and showed me  "what I am". I 'self evaluated' and experienced nice feelings.

Amitha K

Today because of this workshop,  I came to know Who I am and how how I can express myself in a group. This was very useful for me. Normally I hesitate to involve myself in programs. But today my shyness 'left me' and enjoyed myself.

Abhinaya US

I enjoyed the workshop very much and felt  relieved from stress. I can do  things better hereafter. When my training period was extended, I felt very bad. But, now I realise it was  my fault and am sorry for it. Hereafter I will do my level best. It was a great experience in my life and also the first workshop like this. Thank you SO Much. Radha Ma'am is  very friendly and a great person. I will not forget her throughout my life.

Priyanka T

When I face some difficulties, I will recall the strategies I learnt in the workshop and realise that there are other options I can try and proceed further.

Arunarani P

I loved the way the workshop went. All games were nice and enjoyable.I did not look at my watch the whole day! I enjoyed a lot. I got some insight into how to solve  problems in life. In the Forum "Race", I realised theer can be so many solutions to a problem. I like teh facilitators way of talking; and her your spirit. Radha Ma'am, you are doing a great job

Bonya S

This technique can help can cultivate qualities of leadership in students and also be practiced in personal life.The "Race" Forum Play showed that nothing is impossible. 

Vaidhyanathan G

Repeatedly meeting failure in my perso more  happy aftre the workshop. You motivated us very effectively, and encouragingly. Now I will fly in the sky like a bird.We should have this session it monthly. It can reduce my problems.

Name withheld

These games are as if representing various steps in life So, we should play them as if they were life's struggles, not just games. I am very happy you came to our school.I had never thought such a workshop would happen. Best wishes from me and my school for your work to continue.

Pabitha M

The workshop motivated us with games in a free environment. Learnt new games and how to motivate students I felt that in times of stress, we can try to be like children, play with them, get de-stressed and become cheerful. The games and activities were explained in simple Tamil and English. Radha Ma'am conducted continuous gam  enhanced when motivated. For that, it will be good if such discussions in play way are organised frequently.wish to continue to meet motivational people like you.

Gandhi K

GC, Forum, Pushing Irish duels Dueling images are the games I especially liked. If a person understands himself he can live better life. I realised my hurdles could be managed in a different ways.The facilitator  gives good briefing before and after exercises.Our family was facing economic problems. I was in the corner at that time and I read a book which inspired me. The quote was "Understand yourself, you can have life in your hand". Today I realised this in the game "Glass Cobra".

Name witheld

I enjoyed all the activities  interactions, discussion. We learnt to think out of the box to overcome problems. It will help us to motivate kids.Image theatre activities impressed me a lot. Reminded me of "Free Frank and fearless" :-)

Srividhya S