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University of Washington, Seattle, USA

This is the Feedback from a three-and -a-half-hour workshop conducted by Radha Ramaswamy for a group of Americans from varied backgrounds (teachers, community workers, theatre professionals) at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. 

Date :  June 18, 2013
Place:  University of Washington, Seattle, USA.

I am content, grateful for the opportunity to participate in theatre games that relate to experiences of identity and power. I would very much like to connect with you through this learning/teaching. Radha Ramaswamy is incredibly insightful and powerfully humble, I appreciate her calm, patient demeanor combined with clarity and unapologetic incisiveness !

The workshop will help think about social movements & strategy and about pedagogy. The approach of the facilitator was very calm ,illuminating. Workshop was challenging, good pace, esp.  of speaking.

Wonderful ways to frame TO work and work on multiple broad issues without focusing too narrowly for a short workshop. Liked the facilitator’s language and ways of explaining activities. Good mix of activities, dialogue.

I think it will be useful in a personal way - to think about alternative forms of expression and radical politics. The  facilitation was very skillful - a point of connection to every person’s sharing.

It helped me to understand power systems and how to talk about it. I liked the games,  interactions and great leading from the facilitator.

I think I can incorporate this into both personal and professional life. The facilitator was very clear and non-judgmental and had an accepting attitude.

It will be useful in teaching and better parenting.Feeling whole, trusting feeling+body.  I loved the range of activities and the great facilitation.

The workshop reminds me of the importance of body work and the potential uses of theatre. I was impressed by the facilitator’s knowledge and experience.

(Q: was this useful?)  useful is not the right word. It is necessary, fruitful,  grounding. Great space ! I like the way the facilitator entertained multiple perspectives and her excellent feel for the audience.

I plan to use it in the course I am developing. I liked the facilitator’s  warmth, appreciative listening, experience, sharing, caring & knowledge.

I  would like to use TO in my classes.  I feel re-committed to social justice action, making connections with UW folks I can vent with/discuss/share. The facilitator was great! Explained things just the right amount. Fun, profound  interesting  thought provoking.

It will be useful for me  personally and thinking of how TO may fit into teacher education & my work with new teachers. The facilitator created a safe space, was very open, challenged us in encouraging ways. - i loved the activities both for personal exploration & group exploration. - the integration of movement, reflection & debrief was very powerful.

The  warm up exercise was great. I found framing to be great, I thought the image theatre was really powerful - especially being asked to hold poses.   I loved the great pacing and how the facilitator responded to group dynamics and the focus on concrete examples.

I am starting to think  about  issues that will emerge  to use TO with Chinese international students. I appreciated the facilitator’s experience in India, how she applies TO to specific context.

I hope to use some of these ideas in my consulting work with schools, and maybe also in teaching at the UW. The facilitator jumped right in, was not afraid - which was inspiring, Nothing she said was uninteresting or  a waste, She had a sharp sense of how to build up the work - steps needed, ((1)Games to get comfortable, (2) individual + group work… ). I would like to take a more complete training with Radha Ramaswamy.

The workshop will be useful in my personal  life: using movement to work through pain.  Community: Performance/theatre is hugely important in The (American) Deaf Community, a HUGE part of our culture. This could be a powerful tool for conversations of accountability across intersecting identities within The Deaf Community in the US. Talking things through at the end and  listening to so many voices continues to expand my “field of vision” in terms of language tools, perspectives, etc.