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University of Washington Visiting Students

Date:                   10 -11 August, 2013
Participants:        Visiting Students from University of Washington, Seattle.
Facilitator:           Radha Ramaswamy
Place:                  Vidyadeep College, Bangalore     

I liked  the gradual transition from fun theatre games to the physical exploration of big themes and topics, te sense of safety and the option to step out in order to take care of ourselves. I enjoyed The variety of ways I got to move my body, from free and silly, to thoughtful and planned.I can see myself using TO with my students, So much of classroom life is experienced in a stationary position, but TO would allow use to deepen our understanding of the stories we read and write every day.
Dr. Radha's flexibility and careful attention to the needs of our group created a safe and productive space. I admire the skill and genuine care it takes to create such a space. Thank you!

Amy Hirmayama

I like the first part of the  Rainbow of Desire - story Telling with eyes and Carnival in Rio. I will definitely think about the listening we did to each other. I will take this with me in my personal life.I think the facilitation was great and gave us time to reflect but also challenged us to step up and step back. The first part of rainbow of desire triggered a Aha!moment for me because I was able to understand my emotions differently.

Oliva Lafond

Energy games opened up space to be silly/less restricted. Rainbow of Desire provided a fascinating look at how different people experience the same story. Images were very expressive, brought out unexpected sides of people. Perhaps, I think the games are a useful way of exploring group dynamics and personal experience. The pleasure was soothing not intrusive. I liked the flow of the exercise.


"Unity" game and the immediate discussion on it afterwards is something I liked. I also enjoyed telling stories in eyes, faces, bodies in silence. Small group work in pictures of personal conflict and everything getting involved participating in front of large group. Perhaps, there might be ways I can adapt the games for a class I teach and/or church group. I feel like I have begun to understand more fully a personal conflict of mine. Some of my classmates' pictures helped  me understand the anguish in my own picture.


The workshop was very fun and creative, very grounding , connected the body, the mind and the emotional recall. It gave a lot to think abut life's group-dynamics of trust.

Lander Ten

The Workshop was very fun and creative, very grounding , connected the body, the mind and the emotional recall. Gave a lot to think abut life group dynamics of trust.

Marrello Molinaro

I like the variety of games. It was nice to transition from silly games to more thinking games without feeling like there were just extremes in our engagement. I enjoyed talking about the importance of the body. Doing small and big group activities.I mean, these are life skills really… about learning how to be human and to humanize.

Rukie Hartman

There was  recognition that the experience was or rather, had to be entirely personal, that liberation came from within. And that the experience portrayed, though collective, was like through one lens and personal by other. The respect embedded in the practice of TO. You,Radha did a lovely job reminding us of how to allow others to like their experience to enjoy their own practice. After that personal reflection, you extended space for us to engage in dialogue both external and internal.

Margaret Babayan

I like the Emotion, Expression & Transformation.I can use this experience to Connect people together towards the work that is done in better way. The workshop was very well done by Dr. Radha. She did an excellent job of transitions us from one activity to another while simultaneously mentally preparing us as well.

Rasan Cherala

I liked the ability to express feelings without; working with different people in the group. 

Divya Ramachandra

The Workshop incorporates all senses touch, sight, sound. The learners I will hopefully be more aware of my entire body's reaction to an issue. I will use my body to help my mind sort out emotions. The concepts were very well thought out and explained. 

Annika Vau Gilder

I enjoyed exercing my (lately) very inactive body to hearing other peoples stories. Having time to relax and think. When I was protagonist in R...'s story (feeling Oppressed by systemic racism in a work place) I got to experience a frustration I had never felt before, seeing a side of discrimination I knew nothing about = anger.

Amy Hersh

I realised sensory awareness and the big picture connections being made about cooperation structure, social cues, coding etc. I enjoyed the  more neutral games (Giggles as opposed to tears). I got to know know my class mates better and in a better more complete context. I enjoyed the analysis & discussions Yes, awareness of how am in relation to others "Helps remind about communication, in tent" etc Dr. Radha did a great job


I liked the way my personal and political overlapped. The breaking down of boundaries. The way things were easly adjusted to make activities work for all bodies. It forces me to ask questions I did not know how to articulate. 


I like the exercise of looking in to someones eyes for a long time and trying to express your emotions with just your eyes. I enjoyed improvising as a protagonist of another's story and making your own interpretations. Staying in the moments, grounded and genuine.


I realised liberation of body through thought provoking games. I enjoyed the  The discussions  about unconscious actions. One thing I will take a way forever: only the oppressed can liberate themselves. No one can "give" freedom to the oppressed.


I saw Breaking walls between different bodies. Breaking walls between our brain & bodies. 



I liked the variety in activities esp. the energy inducing activities. It helps to create more focus and intentionality in my interactions. Helps me expand my sense of pedagogy and facilitation.


There was so much fun. Love the interaction with our bodies. I enjoyed and appreciated the focus on the self. Engagement with interactions between mind and body.


There was breaking down of boundaries with peers. The exercises were energetic. Reminds me to think of systems of powerful oppression.


I enjoyed the movement aspect- not sitting the whole time. Interacting  on a personal level with others. A variety of interactions Perhaps Very Calmly done - perhaps more thorough explanation to avoid confusion. The telling one's story with eyes was very interesting - a lot more said - understood then I anticipated.


I liked the inter-activeness of the games /warm up. Idea of the oppressed is the only one that can free themselves. The connection of mind and body. Perhaps, I think it made me more aware of what oppression may look like and how to be allies.


I liked the  balance between movement and statues to express/ understand. Very interactive and interesting/ fun. I really like the idea of demechanizing our bodies. Perhaps Though it seamed to go by at a fast pace I feel like all of the transitions were very smooth.


we have been learning about lots of external conflicts and having lectures based on policies and court cases. Therefore,  taking the time to reflect and feel was very helpful for me emotionally and physically. I got to know a wider range of my peers on a more personal and intimate level. Yes, I know my tendencies in an uncomfortable situations. So I can strategically think about verbal, physical, emotional preparation.