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Workshop for Teacher Trainers DSERT Bengaluru

Date:                    27th. February 2012.
Participants:       Teacher Trainers, DSERT, Bengaluru.
Facilitator:        Radha Ramaswamy

Creates  effective communication through silence, teaching through body language.
Will be useful in teacher training and can be applied in classroom transaction, to understand the psychology of the students, in language classes and in mathematics methodology.
This can be taught wherever it is possible .Teacher Educators should be taught by this method

Bharthi S.

T.O. is simple, educative, creative, emotions-evoking - leading to attitudinal change
Will be useful in teacher training and can be used  as a technique to introduce lessons, and at values integration while teaching a lesson.
It could be a subject by itself

Sr. Clarice AC

I enjoyed being an active participant, leading and following, expressing freely, shedding inhibitions.
It will be useful in teacher training and can be used in preservice and inservice training programmes

Shanthala R.

It is very interesting with opportunities for good participation. As it can be  integrated with Teacher Education Curriculum, language teaching or dealing with any social issues, it will be useful in teacher training.

S. Vijayalakshmi.

I like many things about TO. It can be applied especially in Social science.


T.O helps in self learning, how teachers attitude can change according to the learners ‘ choice, learners also have to depend on themselves. It could be useful in teacher training and It can be introduced when they are dealing with subjects like evaluation, eradication of social evils, what is happening in today's world. It can encourage Teacher Educators to be more active and become good teachers as they have to lead the future world.

Angeline Christina

The warm up game was good. As it  brings behavioral changes, value education, language teaching, it may be useful in teacher training. More inputs are needed, lecturers should be trained before using it.

Sr. Pauline.

I enjoyed it as it is an activity based workshop, gives rise to creativity, actual learning of words or concept happens. Everyone participated. Needs comprehensive training material to be prepared.
It could be applied in some subjects such as Social Studies, : to show how systems like Panchayat Raj, Judiciary executive mock parliament happens. In language teaching to impress in action words( meaning) feeling ( emotions).


The first two warm up activities conducted are good and have some behaviour changes
It could be used in language classes.

TD Meena Kumari

This can be applied to any language classroom and social science. In other trainings this can be integrated.


Enables quick reflex action, it improves IQ of the teachers and pupils.

R. Ramaraju

For classroom situation, it  is very good. 

M Rathnamma

Involved the audience/participants in the workshop. TO can be used to enlighten the stakeholders about the issues in Teacher Education.

MV Krishnamurthy