Healing Minds

Public Forum Theatre Performances on 

Mental Health Awareness

jokered by

Radha Ramaswamy

September 7- 20, 2014.

Goa and New Delhi.

In a major effort to promote public awareness of mental illness and address the stigma associated with it, CCDC will be partnering with Act For Change, an initiative of the  Oxford University Dramatic  Society.

The project, conceived and coordinated by Roxana Willis of the University of Oxford, will run from September 1st -21st, and will involve communities in Goa and New Delhi in a series of Forum theatre performances. A team of actors and a filmmaker from Oxford, and a team of actors from different parts of India, will be led by Radha Ramaswamy in her role as the Drama Director for this project.

The plays will be performed to audiences from diverse backgrounds - lay people and mental health professionals, care givers, and families of patients afflicted with mental illness.

ForumTheatre is an interactive event that promotes dialogue between actors and spectators on the issues portrayed. These performances can also become a source for future definitive action in the community.

Sangath, The Public Health Foundation of India and the Oxford University Dramatic Society The George Institute of Global Health, are the other partners in this project.

You can see further details about this program here .