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An Award for Radha Ramaswamy. September 2011.

Radha Ramaswamy , the founder of CCDC,  began her Theatre of the Oppressed facilitator activities with  workshops for a group of senior citizens, members of the Ulsoor branch of the Dignity Foundation, Bengaluru, an NGO that looks after the needs of the eldery population.   In the past six months , she has conducted several workshops and Jokered Forum performances for over 200 senior citizens. Even today, Radha conducts regular workshops with senior citizens  of  the Ulsoor branch. In recognition of this contribution to the cause of Senior Citizens,  the Diginity Foundation honoured her with an 'Award of Recognition of Excellence in Volunteer Services' at  the hands of Justice Santosh Hegde at a special award function held in Bengaluru on Sept. 19, 2011  as a part of the First Ever 'Retirement India EXPO 2011’ for senior citizens.