TO for Education

"Your classes came as such hope to me"

Since 2011 CCDC has conducted around 150 workshops in about 70 schools and colleges across India.

We work in a cross section of educational institutions, comprising government institutions, charity run institutions, affordable as well as high end private institutions, and international schools. We work with students, teachers and teacher educators.

So far, our workshops have explored themes such as student-teacher relationship, team building, friendship, bullying, body shaming, insecurity, diversity, privilege , emotional and social well-being, gender and sexuality, masculinity and violence, environment and sustainability, stigma, discrimination, and patriarchy.

TO workshops provide a non - judgmental space where students and teachers feel comfortable, play games that are designed to awaken the senses, and bring a freshness of perception and feeling. This readies the participants to move on to exercises that help them dig deeper into their emotions and feelings, and explore issues that they may be struggling with. This often provides new insights into themselves and people they interact with, and creates a desire to bring about change.

The unique nature of our workshops is that we don't prescribe or provide solutions to the conflicts that are shared by the participants. The process of investigating the conflicts is driven by the participants themselves. Everyone realizes the importance of respecting difference and diversity in the group.

The workshops guide participants through a process of collaborative creation, in the course of which they develop skills such as:

  • Creative self expression through imaginative use of the body,
  • Confidence to express one's ideas in a group
  • Active listening
  • Working in a group, respecting difference and diversity
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills

We offer introductory workshops which are of 3 hours - 3 days in duration. These workshops give participants an experience and a glimpse into the potential of TO.

For serious exploration of specific themes or issues, we recommend longer workshops, or regular and sustained work. This is offered in the form of weekly workshops spread over 1-2 years.
In addition, we offer two kinds of workshops for colleges:

  • 15-30 hour credit courses on TO or on themes suggested by institutions

  • Courses on themes selected from Social Psychology and Development Communication syllabi using the TO pedagogy.

The following are a few of the schools that we have worked with: Annasawmy Mudaliar School, Parikrma, My School, Bombay International School, Delhi Public School, The International School, Bangalore.

Some of the colleges where we have conducted workshops: Mount Carmel College, Jyoti Nivas College, Center for Management Studies- Jain, Christ University, St. Alosyius college, Azim Premji University , National Institute of Advanced Studies, RGM college of Engineering, Nandyal, Vellore Institute of Technology, Amaravati, National School of Drama, Tripura, and Tezpur University, Assam.

We have conducted teacher development workshops with institutions such as Eklavya, Madhya Pradesh, RV Educational Consortium, Bangalore, DSERT, Bangalore, Regional Resource Centre for Elementary Education, Delhi, and The Teacher Foundation, Bangalore.