Our Mission

As human beings we often find ourselves trapped or frozen in modes of behaviour and patterns of thought that impede real communication with our fellow human beings. Our daily routines offer an easy escape from reflection, and even when we feel a great desire for change, it is often hard to see where to begin and how. Theatre of the Oppressed provides an opportunity to ‘unfreeze’, and rehumanise ourselves.

The Centre for Community Dialogue and Change (CCDC) offers TO workshops for Breaking Patterns and Creating Change!

Mission Statement

The Centre for Community Dialogue and Change (CCDC) is dedicated to the practice and promotion of Theatre of the Oppressed for building healthy communities, encouraging dialogue, compassion and sensitivity in human relationships, and for recognizing, and collaboratively exploring multiple strategies for addressing, systems of oppression in society.

As CCDC works towards these goals, we wish to:

  • work with diverse communities across India

  • spread TO by creating 'multipliers' through our facilitator trainings

  • connect with individuals and groups in India and around the world interested in the philosophy and practice of TO

  • reach out to the global Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) community in our continuing efforts to learn.