Who we work with

Centre for Community Dialogue and Change (CCDC) uses Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) with people of different ages, socio-economic backgrounds, languages and geographical regions

Schools, Colleges & Universities

  • Workshops that give teachers and students in schools and colleges a teaching/learning experience that is participatory, insightful, and joyous.

  • TO-based courses woven into the academic curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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Medical Students and Faculty

  • Workshops for medical students and faculty on humanising the profession, and promoting patient-centred healthcare.

  • Training for medical faculty to bring the principles of TO into their teaching and practice.

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Individuals and Institutions for Mental Health

  • Workshops for individuals, communities and organizations interested in addressing issues around mental health.

  • We use TO (and Forum Theatre) to address challenges such as stigma, caregiving, starting conversations around mental health, and accessing mental healthcare.

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Senior Citizens

  • Workshops for senior citizens aimed at general wellbeing and creating a safe space for free and creative expression.

  • Forum Theatre to address specific issues such as life after retirement, elder abuse, dementia, etc.

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Other Groups

  • Workshops for women aimed at building community leadership skills and addressing issues in the workplace.

  • We have also used TO and Forum Theatre with Farmers (using Legislative Theatre) and Prison Inmates (on challenges of life after incarceration)

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Some of our partner organizations

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhopal

Azim Premji Foundation

The Banyan

Christ University

Dignity Foundation

KIST Medical College and Teaching Hospital

Mount Carmel College, Bangalore

National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences

Nightingales Medical Trust

National School of Drama

Oxford University Dramatic Society

Public Health Foundation of India

Parikrama Humanity Foundation

University College of Medical Sciences

University of Washington