Jokering Forum Theatre

The truth about Jokering is - the more one practises, the more questions one discovers! So, there's only one thing to do - share learning, exchange Jokering stories, and keep the questions alive!

The Covid-19 induced indefinite lockdown has presented us with an opportunity to pause, and revisit TO fundamentals, and refresh our knowledge and understanding.

We designed the Jokering Forum Theatre class as a 4-session module to cover the different aspects of Jokering a forum play, starting with scripting and rehearsals, and concluding with working with the audience during a forum performance. The sessions included inputs from Ravi and Radha on the central concepts and theories, narratives from their practice that helped contextualise the theories, sharing of illustrative video clips of forums, and discussions and Q&A sessions.

This first online Jokering class was offered to CCDC's Bangalore Jokers group with just one condition - that they commit to all 4 sessions. This was necessary because the sessions were designed to build on each other.

Session 1

Creating a strong forum play

Session 2

Rehearsal techniques

Session 3

Jokering the forum performance Part 1

Session 4

Jokering the forum performance Part 2

We received very positive and encouraging feedback for these classes and we intend to repeat this for other groups.

This is the first in our series of Jokering classes. Watch this space for more!

We plan to offer Jokering classes for other structures in TO such as Image Theatre, Cop in the Head and Rainbow of Desire.

"reignited my spark and enthusiasm for TO"

"gave me confidence to imagine and envision what is possible"

"jam packed with relevant and important information"

"generosity in sharing the notes, videos and other resources is exemplary and awe inspiring"

"you are both such magnificent teachers"

"Precise and focused"

"Stories and experiences of other forums shared in the classes were very insightful"

"I thank god I chose to attend these sessions!"

"crisp and loaded with essentials"

"liked the openness with which the guidance was given"

"good refresher cum learning experience"