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Radha Ramaswamy
Radha Ramaswamy
Founder, CCDC
The Centre for Community Dialogue and Change was founded in 2011 by Radha Ramaswamy who has been, in a working life of 40 years, an English teacher, theatre researcher, dramaturg, an educational consultant to NGOs, and finally, a Theatre of the Oppre... Read More
Ravi Ramaswamy
Ravi Ramaswamy
TO Trainer & Facilitator
Ravi Ramaswamy received training in Theatre of the Oppressed in 2010, from Marc Weinblatt of the Mandala Center for Change and subsequently with the Centre for Community Dialogue and Change (CCDC). Ravi has been a Theatre of the Oppressed practitione... Read More
Ramaswamy P.S
Ramaswamy P.S
Co Founder, CCDC
The decision to take the six-day facilitator training workshop in Theatre of the Oppressed at the Mandala Centre for Change in Port Townsend, Seattle, dramatically altered the course of Ram’s life. With a PhD in Organic Chemistry and 30 years in th... Read More
Ravi Ramakantan
Consultant, Medical Humanities
A chance conversation with his school friend, Radha Ramaswamy, introduced Ravi Ramakantan to Theatre of the Oppressed.

Trained as a Radiologist, Ravi worked as a medical teacher and Consultant Radiologist at the GS Medical College... Read More
Sowmyashree Gonibeedu
Consultant, Documentation
Sowmyashree Gonibeedu has been associated with CCDC since October 2016. She brings skills in the areas of media and publication, documentation and translation, and participates as an actor in CCDC's public Forum performances. Her education in managem... Read More
Rajiv Ramaswamy
Consultant, Digital Media
Rajiv Ramaswamy has been an informal part of CCDC since 2014 where he contributed to the organisation of CCDC’s Diversity Dialogues conference. Since then Rajiv has volunteered to design our workshop flyers, updated our social media presence and we... Read More